Better Sales Pop

Better Sales Pop

de Sweller Brands LLC

Boost sales, urgency, & social proof with this sales pop-up.

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Send your conversions soaring.

Our sales pop up notifies your site visitors of recent purchases & cart additions, which piques interest and converts visitors into buyers.

Social proof you can’t ignore.

Our sales notification shows your visitors what others are looking at (and buying) in real time, creating social proof and igniting urgency.

Finally, a pretty sales popup.

We’ve designed our sales popup to look as good as it functions. It’s an unobtrusive wallflower that fits right into your site’s aesthetic.

Acerca de Better Sales Pop

Boost sales with this dynamic sales pop up.

We’ve designed our dynamic sales pop up to boost sales within your Shopify store by influencing your visitors to not just poke around and kick-tires but actually pull out their wallets and buy whatever it is you’re selling.

People want what other people want and people buy what other people buy. It’s a simple marketing rule that’s as old as time itself and the very principle that Better Sale Pop was founded on.

How better Better Sales Pop works.

By displaying a sales notification, Better Sales Pop notifies your site visitors of recent purchases and cart additions made by other site visitors.

(Remember what we said about people wanting what other people want?)

This consistent barrage of pings establishes social proof and evokes a sense of urgency in your visitors, which in turn increases conversions and, yes, boost sales.

Better Sales Pop will help you establish social proof, increase conversions and boost sales by...

  • Displaying purchases in real time.
  • Generating a real sense of urgency.
  • Reducing cart abandonment
  • Making set-up and customization seamless.
  • Developing trust and establishing credibility.
  • Creating a feeling of busyness within your store.

Why you should choose Better Sales Pop over other sales pop up(s).

Better Sales Pop works to establish the same kind of feeling in your online store as your customers would experience in a physical store. With one, tiny, unobtrusive pop-up that can be designed to fit right within the aesthetic of your site, you will be able to evoke a sense of urgency in your customers, while establishing social proof, which will in turn increase conversions and boost sales.

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4.7 con 5 estrellas

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Blessed by Sparkles

3rd Update:
My account no longer works again. It will not save the disable mobile feature. I will be uninstalling. 2nd update:
After agreeing to update my review they have fixed the issue. I can now disable the pop up on mobile and it stays. Hopefully the data will start tracking again as well. Update:
With in a few mins of posting this review. Customer support reached out to me. They indicated that if you had the older free app it no longer works. Supposedly they send an email to let you know. I never had an email, the pop up still tracks orders, pops up on the site. However it doesn't show the data in your dashboard and you can't actually disable the pop ups. I will update my review if a resolution is found. If not I will just delete the app and move on. Shame I loved it when it worked. Initial Review:
It used to work great. It has not shown my data results in a long time. No matter how many times I disable it for mobile it still is there. I have reached out to support several times with their chat box saying if you see this we are online ready to help. No one ever answers.

Tienda Diana and Johns


Pretty Pawfect Boutique

I use this app just to show customers what others are purchasing and I feel it's nice to have. It gives customers the chance to close but we set this to only show on the homepage to not overuse it as it may become annoying to customers. The customer service so far i have received has been great and no complaints from that. I would happily recommend this app to anyone.