Better Thank You Page

Better Thank You Page

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Thank you page builder with simple customizable widgets

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Share your social feeds

Get more Facebook and Instagram followers by sharing your social media profiles

Measure your ad effectiveness

Use post purchase surveys to see where your customers are coming

Get easy customer feedback

Collect one-click rating surveys to measure your customer's shopping experience

Better Thank You Page 정보

Better Thank You Page is used by more than 1000 Shopify stores

Continue to delight your customer's experience on your Shopify store even after they complete their purchase. Upgrade your store's thank you page by adding customizable widgets to help your customers learn more about your brand and collect more customer insights.

Your thank you page is one of the most valuable pieces of digital real estate on your store. Every single one of your converted, paying customers will see it and it is a valuable opportunity to collect feedback and share more about your brand. It is also the page your customers come to check on the delivery status of their order, making it extra valuable real estate to link them to more of your products.

What is Better Thank You Page?

Better Thank You Page allows to you customize your thank you page by adding multiple types of customizable widgets to share your brand and learn about your customers.


  • Link your customers to more information and websites with customizable call-to-action prompts
  • Display a thank you page video to share your appreciation for your customers' purchases.
  • Help your customers discover your social profiles by embedding your Facebook and Instagram profiles
  • Learn more about your advertising spend with post purchase surveys
  • Understand your customer's shopping experience with shopper rating surveys
  • Add custom HTML blocks for any additional content or HTML embeds you want.

Types of Better Thank You Page widgets

  • Instagram profile widget
  • Facebook page widget
  • Custom thank you message widget w/ call-to-action
  • Post purchase survey widget
  • Customer experience rating widget
  • Custom HTML block widget
  • And many more widgets soon!

Getting started with Better Thank You Page

  1. Click "Add app" button at the top of this page to install Better Thank You Page.
  2. Go to "Page Setup" in the app dashboard to configure your page widgets.
  3. You're done! You can preview how your thank you page looks in "Page Preview"

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Bare Kind

Only just installed this, so can't speak for the results - but I am very happy with how easy this was to set up!! I also think it looks a lot smarter than other thank you page apps I saw - it's not too cluttered and in your face, and it fits perfectly with the theme I already use. So far I recommend!! Thanks team.

Print Stick

This app is incredibly easy to set up. I LOVE being able to ask customers where they found me and also how easy it is to direct them to my social. Customer support is excellent, highly recommend it. Thanks !


The application works well, I used the previous version and this one is packed with goodies. I contacted the developers regarding the privacy policy as I saw that the app can see the customer order data and they resolved my concern very quickly. Best of luck with your projects.