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14. maaliskuu 2023

The customer service is top notch. Having someone help you navigate and prepare reports rapidly is truly a gift. I am thankful we found this APP!

CK Bradley
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 2 kuukautta
14. maaliskuu 2023

We love Better Reports and use it everyday.
We get more detailed information than Shopify provides in analytics.
It's clear and easy to use on my iPhone & PC.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Yli vuosi
10. maaliskuu 2023

Love the person to person experience for creating custom reports. Claudia knew just what I was looking for - reports by collection or tags - helped me understand what was in the way and how to fix it, and pointed out the data gaps to be filled in for a comprehensive, actionable report.

Proclamation Goods
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6. maaliskuu 2023

Shopify Reports are very limiting. They have decent base data, but they fall apart quickly when you want to slice and dice data in greater detail.

Better Reports steps up where Shopify falls short.

Better Reports has a little bit of a learning curve, but the support team is awesome and very helpful in creating anything you would wish. There's also a lot of reports available right out of the gate that go beyond what Shopify has.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Yli 2 vuotta
3. maaliskuu 2023

These reports have helped us streamline orders during our busiest times and have saved us so much time!

The Bloom House
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 26 päivää
2. maaliskuu 2023

Really excellent product with exemplary customer service! Works seamlessly, and they get back to you almost immediately with clear and helpful info. They even build custom reports for the monthly fee. Thank you!

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 5 päivää
24. helmikuu 2023

Excellent Service. The team is very responsive, helpful, and willing to tweak reports until they meet the requirements of a custom report.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Noin 2 kuukautta
23. helmikuu 2023

WOW! I have to say the app is a must-have and works super well. At first, it took me some time to understand but then I got it and its very easy. What makes the app even better is the customer service. They really try to help you and if they can't, they try their best to find other solutions.

Arms of Andes
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Melkein 3 vuotta
22. helmikuu 2023

Join for the detailed reporting you won't find anywhere else. Stay for the world-class A+ support.

BetterReports has been a lifesaver to our medium sized brand and has been more-than worth it.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 11 kuukautta
7. helmikuu 2023

I wanted a very specific report calculating the total gallons of perfumer's alcohol each customer has bought, so I could stop manually tracking this (there's a legal limit to how many gallons a person can buy per year without a permit).

It was a challenging problem, because we sell multiple sizes of alcohol, so the ounces have to be calculated and then converted to gallons.

They got it done in two hours. TWO HOURS.

Other places, I might not have even heard back that the ticket had been started by then. But not here!

Vetiver Aromatics
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