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Reports of your sales, customers, inventory, traffic and more.

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Track business metrics

Track your sales, inventory, channels and affiliates. Segment, sort and filter by any field. 60+ built-in reports

Customizable reports

Build custom reports with a drag and drop designer, or let us do it for you. Easily include totals and custom fields.

Export & Share

Share your reports by csv, email or Google Drive. On demand or with an automatic schedule (e.g every Monday at 8:00am)

Acerca de Better Reports

The most powerful reporting app, built specifically for Shopify

Goodbye spreadsheets!

Better Reports gives you instant access to reports for all functions of your store.

Main features

  • Build custom reports with a powerful drag and drop designer, or simply let us do it for you
  • Share reports by email, csv file or Google Sheet at specified frequency
  • Support for custom fields, created by you or other apps
  • Cost Of Goods / Profit / Inventory Valuation
  • Mutliple report types: table, matrix, bar chart, line chart, scatter plot
  • Segment, filter and sort by any field
  • Total and sub-totals
  • Top N per group (i.e. top 10 referring site per month)
  • Calculated fields with arbitrary expressions
  • Reports load quickly and are always up to date
  • Streamlined POS integration
  • Works on mobile, tablets and desktops
  • 60+ built-in reports

Some of the ways our customers use Better Reports:

  • Track best-selling products and vendors
  • Track the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Track orders and items pending fulfillment
  • Track the revenue share of affiliate partners
  • Track referring sites generating the most traffic and sales
  • Track inventory levels and generate restock alerts
  • Track sales per POS location or employee
  • Track collected tax per location
  • Track sales per discount code
  • Track gift card sales and payments
  • Identify most / least profitable products
  • Search and filter by any field
  • Generate picking lists
  • Generate customer mailing lists based on purchase history
  • Schedule monthly transaction report for reconciliation
  • Schedule hourly KPI export to Google Drive for integration with online dashboard

We use industry best practices and go above and beyond to make sure your data is safe and secure. We protect your data like our business depends on it. Because it does.

Se integra con

  • Google Drive,
  • Google Sheets,
  • Email

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4.9 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes


Awesome customer service - they helped me get up and running with a custom report that I needed right away, but I wanted to use the app for a bit before leaving a review.

I have one report that I've scheduled to arrive in my and my employees' inboxes every morning, which is super helpful to us. I've had no issues with the reliability of it.

For creating and tweaking reports, it's very intuitive if you're familiar with PivotTables, Tableau, PowerBI, that kind of thing. And if not, their support team can help out however you need, I'm sure.

Really happy with this app! It makes it easy to pull exactly the data that I want from my shop. Thanks!!

Friendly Arctic

If it wasn’t for the Better Reports app we’d have ditched Shopify for another platform. This app makes it possible to get the financial reporting necessary to reconcile Shopify’s deposits in Quickbooks. Something that would otherwise not be possible.

Also a big shout out to Kritesh from the Better Reports support team for providing excellent app customer support in a timely manner.

AFP Online Store

This app is the best advanced reporting app I've found for Shopify by FAR. Shopify collects an incredible amount of data for every sale, customer, etc., but offers very little reporting and almost no customization of reports on that data. Better Reports steps in and fills that gap, leveraging the myriad information Shopify collects to beautiful, comprehensive reports. I insist that all my clients use Better Reports.

Even more, they've been extremely responsive in answering questions and helping develop the custom reports I'm looking for.

It's worth every penny.