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Better Reports

Better Reports

Developed by Better Reports

78 reviews
Price: $19.90 – $299.90 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Track the performance of your products, channels and partners
  • Streamline your operations with custom reports
  • Share your reports by email or Google Drive

The most powerful reporting app, built specifically for Shopify.

Goodbye spreadsheets!

Better Reports gives you instant access to a variety of reports for all functions of your store.

Update: You can now enter your product costs and track your cost of goods sold, profit, and inventory value. Bulk import is available.

Some of the ways our customers use Better Reports:

  • Track best-selling products and vendors

  • Track the performance of marketing campaigns

  • Track orders and items pending fulfillment

  • Track the revenue share of affiliate partners

  • Track referring sites generating the most traffic and sales

  • Track inventory levels

  • Track sales per POS location

  • Track collected tax per location

  • Track sales per discount code

  • Track gift card sales and payments

  • Search and filter by any field

  • Segment reports based on tags and collections

  • Generate picking lists

  • Generate customer mailing lists based on purchase history

  • Schedule monthly transaction report for reconciliation

  • Schedule hourly KPI export to Google Drive for integration with online dashboard

Main features

  • Mutliple report types: table, matrix, bar chart, line chart, scatter plot

  • Segment, filter and sort by any field

  • Export by email (csv, pdf, xlsx, html) or Google Sheet

  • Totals and subtotals

  • Support for custom fields, created by you or other apps


Can I build custom reports?

The app comes with a powerful drag and drop designer to build any report you need.
All the built-in reports were built using that same designer.

Can you build reports for me?

Yes, we will build reports for you for free.
Let us know more about your needs at hello@betterreports.co

What data can reports show?

Any data stored in Shopify.

Can reports include custom fields?

Yes, all different types of custom fields are supported:

  • Metafields (created by other apps)

  • Line item properties

  • Order attributes (custom fields that can be attached to an order)

  • Tags (on customers, orders and products)

  • Variant options

  • Product collections

Can I export/share my reports?

You can download report data as a csv, pdf, xlsx or html file.
You can also set up a schedule to export any report by email or to Google Drive at your desired frequency.
The frequency can be anywhere between every 5 minutes to every 6 months.
For example, you could send an email with the monthly sales per product on the first day of each month.

Do you handle refunds and partial refunds? What about shipping and discounts?

Yes, all these numbers are available.

Can reports show the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and profits?

Yes. It is possible to create custom reports to analyze cost and profit in all sort of interesting ways.
The only required step is to enter the cost of each variant. We can also import your existing costs for you.

How long will it take before I can see my reports?

As soon as you install the app, Better Reports will start importing your data and you will receive an email upon completion.
The import can take anywhere between a few seconds and a few hours depending on the amount of data.
Financial transactions are imported last and can take even longer.
We'd love to speed up the process but we're limited by Shopify API call limit policy (2 orders per second).
Luckily, this is a one-time operation only.

How often are reports updated?

Better Reports is always working in the background to keep your reports up to date in real time.
New orders and product changes are typically reflected in your reports within a few seconds.
It may take up to a couple of minutes during high volume spikes.

How long does it take to load a report?

Typically less than a second. Occasionally up to a few seconds.

What kind of visuals are supported?

We support tables, matrices, bar charts, line charts and scatter plots.

How far back can the reports go?

Reports can display any data stored in Shopify, from the very first order to the very last.

Is there a free trial?

We offer a 14-day free trial. Upon installation you will need to accept the monthly charge.
If you uninstall the app within 14 days you will not be charged.

Why does it cost $19.90 for stores on the Basic plan and $299.90 for stores on the Plus plan?

Shopify Plus stores get a lot more traffic and orders. About 25 times more.
We incur significant infrastructure costs to ensure that reports load instantly and are updated in real time.
Shopify Plus customers also have access to additional reports, such as traffic reports (visitors to your web site).
Finally, Shopify Plus customers get in front of the queue for any support request, such as new features, custom reports or issues.

Does it work on mobile/tablets?

Yes, Better Reports works on any device.

Does it support POS?

Yes, Better Reports is fully integrated with the Shopify's Point Of Sale iPad app.
POS users have access to a streamlined interface and you control which reports are visible.
Sales reports can be limited to only show sales that originated from the current location.
There are built-in POS reports such as sales per location, per user, per device, etc...

Is it able to merge data from multiple stores?


Will Better Reports impact my storefront website in any way?

Not at all. Better Reports works in the background to build your reports.
It is technically impossible for Better Reports to impact the performance, look or behaviour of your storefront.
Better Reports can read your data but it is not authorized to change anything.

Is my data safe?

We use industry best practices and go above and beyond to make sure your data is safe and secure.
We protect your data like our business depends on it. Because it does.

We are a high traffic store. Can you handle it?

We have many high profile Shopify stores on our platform.
We leverage cloud technology to ensure we can scale indefinitely.

We've aggregated over 8 million sold products so far!

Over 60 built-in reports:

  • Customers

    • Customers

    • Total customers per country

  • Products

    • Total products by type

    • Total products by vendor

  • Product variants

    • Inventory

    • Pending fulfillments

  • Orders

    • First-time vs returning customer orders

    • Order details

    • Orders by country

    • Orders by POS location

    • Orders by POS user

    • Orders by referring site

    • Orders by source

    • Orders by UTM campaign

    • Orders by UTM medium

    • Orders by UTM source

    • Orders pending fulfillment

    • Total order value by country

    • Total order value by referring site

    • Total order value by source

  • Sales

    • All-time sales

    • Items pending fulfillment

    • Line item details

    • Monthly sales

    • Monthly sales by POS location

    • Monthly sales by POS user

    • Monthly sales by product

    • Monthly sales by product type

    • Monthly sales by product variant

    • Monthly sales by vendor

    • Sales by discount code

    • Sales by product

    • Sales by product type

    • Sales by product variant

    • Sales by referring site

    • Sales by source

    • Sales by vendor

    • Sales over time

    • Sales over time - Gift cards

    • Sales over time by POS location

    • Sales over time by POS user

    • Sales over time by product

    • Sales over time by product type

    • Sales over time by referring site

    • Sales over time by source

    • Sales over time by UTM medium

    • Sales over time by UTM source

    • Sales over time by vendor

    • Tax collected per month

  • Transactions

    • All transactions

    • Failed transactions

    • Gift card transactions

    • Gift card transactions over time

    • PayPal reconciliation

    • Pending transactions

    • Total transactions value over time

    • Total transactions value per gateway over time

    • Volume per payment gateway

  • Visits (requires the Advanced Shopify plan)

    • Average visit duration by marketing campaign

    • Average visit duration by referrer site

    • Unique visitors

    • Unique visitors by country

    • Unique visitors by device

    • Unique visitors by landing page

    • Unique visitors by landing page type

    • Unique visitors by marketing campaign medium

    • Unique visitors by marketing campaign name

    • Unique visitors by marketing campaign source

    • Unique visitors by referrer site

    • Unique visitors by referrer source

  • Gift cards (requires the Shopify Plus plan)

    • Active gift cards

    • Monthly issued gift cards by app id

    • Monthly issued gift cards by source

    • Monthly issued gift cards by user

    • Total value issued by user over time

For questions or feedback, please contact us at hello@betterreports.co

Better Reports reviews

78 reviews
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Custom report created in minutes thanks to Support. Provides me with the detailed reports that Shopify fails to provide. It has opened up several new marketing opportunities in its 1st day.
At this point - would highly recommend the product.


best review app on shopify. Its very flexible and excellent customer service


The support Clement provides is outstanding. If you're unable to create a report on your own via the app, then Clement will build it for you, no matter how obscure.

Would highly recommend!


Even though they don't have tutorials on how-to's for this app, it's very self explanatory and if I have any questions, the customer service is QUICK and the instructions are easy to follow.

There are SO many options for the types of reports you can view, along with even creating a custom report.

I decided to get this app instead of upgrading my Shopify membership and I'm so happy that I did. It's much more cost effective, while allowing me to analyze my sales in order to drive more sales and continue to make money.

Love this app! Highly recommend it.


I'm fairly new to Shopify, but I'll share that Better Reports works. Its intuitive and accurate. It is one of the apps I've tried that actually does what it says it does. Well designed. It works for you and does not make you work for it.


This app and the support Celement provides has been amazing. I have both an online and retail store using Shopify and this has made inventory management so much easier and transparent. Im excited to explore all of the other standard and customizable report options.


Excellent reports, very useful in managing the inventory and letting us take better decisions in getting new inventory or selling what we have.


I am still getting used to all of the reports but Better Reports has nearly everything I need to keep up with my business and is super customization. When I needed some changes and deeper customization, Better Reports was quick to respond and will help create what you need. Great value for those that need a deeper understanding of their business.


This app is absolutely wonderful and absolutely essential for a storefront. Clement, the founder, has an excellent work ethic as well. He generated some custom reports for my store at lightning speed and was very engaging when I explained to him the difficulties that I experienced. He was also extremely detailed in problem-solving and helped me to overcome many hurdles! Thanks to this app, I have saved many hours of manual calculations. I cannot enough praise and thanks to this nifty app and its founder! :)


This is a must have app. The name can be misleading that it is limited to reporting. However, with the flexibility to add reports to Google docs and building work flows based on that is just amazing. Clement, Founder of the app is super quick with replies and extra flexible. The pricing is quite reasonable and I would highly recommend the app.

$19.90 – $299.90 / month

Pricing varies depending on your Shopify plan:

  • Basic Shopify: $19.90
  • Shopify: $39.90
  • Advanced Shopify: $149.90
  • Shopify Plus: $299.90
  • Non-profit: $39.90
  • Free for trial, dev and staff stores
14 days

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