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Automatic Order Syncing

The app helps to integrate Orders with Bexio, Orders will created in Bexio when an order placed in Shopify

Update Order status from Bexio

The app helps to update the status of the order in Shopify when it will change in Bexio

Customer Integration

Customer will created in Bexio when a customer will create in Shopify.

Sobre BexioConnecter

The Bexio connector is a two-way connector between Shopify and Bexio application. Its aims for seamless integration between both apps and keeping their customers and order details synced. This is connector is used for keeping the order and customer updates and details synced between Bexio and Shopify. The customers and orders created in the Shopify app get synced to Bexio through Webhook and APIs and vice-versa. For the app setup, the access token generation method is used which allows linking the apps. From Shopify to Bexio the customers and orders details are synced, and from Bexio to Shopify, the orders get synced.


  • We have set the email as mandatory for customers and it should be unique. All the mappings are done on the basis of the email id of the customer.

  • In Bexio the fax number is set to Shopify’s internal customer id. Because while editing or deleting Shopify returns only this id.

  • Shopify’s internal order id will be set as the title of the order and invoice.

  • The product name should be the same and must be unique in Shopify and Bexio.

  • We can only consider either all the products have tax or not.

  • The shipping address and billing address will be added to the multiple address field of the customer.

  • Orders delete and cancel from Shopify to Bexio is not considered.

  • Normally it takes a 2-5 min delay for syncing orders from Shopify to Bexio.

  • If the store has enabled the shipping charges for the order, then it will be added as an item in Bexio. The total price should be remaining the same

Version Details

  • V1.0.0 - Initial Release.

  • V1.0.1 - Added Settings Menu to control the Bexio Language and Shipping charges text

Integração com

  • Bexio

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