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BigBuy EU Dropshipping


Start dropshipping authentic products from high-end brands

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To be Fair, with out this app my shop would not be able to function. Even when there has been a problem they are there to help. Really recommend this app if someone is trying to start a side lline and time is up against them.

Gardavant - The hottest avant-garde items

Super integration with BigBuy and Jesper's support is excellent. Very responsive with email. That said BigBuy itself isn't the easiest of partners to work with and can definitely benefit from a bump in the support department.


This app is garbage. I initially signed up through the website because I was mislead by the claim that BigBuy supported the Shopify platform and I was charged $188. After being charged, signing in, accessing the control panel and realizing that Shopify is not support yet for another 30+ days, I began my endless attempts to get refunded immediately. They charged me anyway, and even though I have been asking for my refund since the day I signed up, I still did not receive it yet. Finally, when Shoptigator (BigBuy's official dropshipping app) gets launched, I signed up and register through Shopify this time obviously in good faith since I just lost my initial $188 with BigBuy for nothing. I still get highly disappointed with how the entire process is handled by both the Shoptigator and BigBuy: Their B2B prices are very expensive and non profitable. In fact, I am insulted by the profit margins. I have calculated on all electronics after shipping has been paid I will actually owe money to BigBuy with most products not make money with BigBuy. I am upset about the long hours and hours I spent learning and customizing their products on my website and marketing it online as well. They are not legitimate wholesalers. They are dropshipping products for you while at the same time they sell their products in competition with you, which is a bad business practice. Basically, they want to be this worldwide distributor, wholeseller, and retailer and not leave any room for you to thrive as a colliding partner. It doesn't make any sense; they might as well become their own buyer too. In addition, the customer service is complicated and hard to reach by phone. I am in California and can only call their customer service between the hours of 12am-8am Pacific time. No 24/7 call service is available and when I finally got in touch with someone on the phone, they were anxious to end the conversation. I am done with BigBuy and that Shoptigator app. I deleted them both, canceled my subscription, and still making refund attempts. If they gave a damn about me, they should have contacted me a month ago when this was all unfolding.

Le Traqueur

Application très complète, support client très à l'écoute. C'est une bonheur de travailler avec, je la recommande


Really well made app, that works really great with my Shopify. Easy to understand and it only took me two days to get the pro-version which is really worth it! Also great customer support from the developer with less than 24 hours respons rate in my case.In my opinion well over its 3.7 rating!


very good app. Very easy to sync with bigbuy


This app, developed by shoptigrator is just the best ever set of tools I have come across for my sort of business, i.e. I am a dropshipper ( and to have the choice of category, products, plans, stock control, uploading, allowing for a brilliant auto pricing policy, together with an auto shipping cost policy, it is just fantastic. Jesper is the developer of this app, used by BigBuy EU Dropshipping, and it works beautifully when utilised as a plug-in with shopify - the whole process of being an on-line dropshipper becomes automated and easy to understand, even for the novice. I uploaded over 4000 products and everything worked - an I am a "novice". Thanks Jesper - great job xxx

Blossom Entreprise

worst app. Doesn't sync with the real big buy.


I came across this app after initially discovering BigBuy's own website separately, and I honestly could not have been more thrilled.

This app takes all of the tricky, time consuming side out of creating products, uploading descriptions and photos, and sorting shipping costs out.

I'll admit - there is a cost involved. I have purchased my Shopify annual subscription (not needed but saves you from paying an extra $20 per month for the auto shipping key), the subscription for this app, and also you need to buy a DropShipping subscription with BigBuy. All in all it's around £100 a month to maintain this with full functionality and make it work - but BOY I believe it is worth it.

I never read through the negative comments before downloading - maybe because I was just so excited to have come across something existing that could link my store to BigBuy, but regardless I have nothing negative to say at all.

Fine, there may be improvements that are to be made/already in progress - but this company is learning as it goes - THE WAY WE ALL ARE? I don't know about the people who made the negative reviews, but for a first time Shopify Store Owner, I couldn't be more pleased that I've come across this app.

With regards to the customer service - ALL of my questions have been answered within the same working day by Jesper who is just amazing. I am so grateful!

My site fully launches next week - but I feel more than confident about it all thanks to Jesper. We have tested it all together and he has provided me with the clearest video / screenshot tutorials to any manual processes I will be taking on myself.

Once again, I am SO glad I came across this app. Thank you Jesper!!!

Wedding Princess

Thank you for this awesome app! It's the perfect solution to safe a lot of time! I have the pro version and I'm not disappointed! Quite the contrary. I love it because it makes a lot of things easier and helps to automate processes. The support is very helpful und fast! At first I was doubtful because of some bad reviews, but they seem to be outdated. Everything works fine and I had a lot of questions and every single one of them was being answered quickly and understandingly. :) Everyone who knows the value of time, will love this app.

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