BigBuy EU Dropshipping

BigBuy EU Dropshipping

by Shoptigrator

Start dropshipping authentic products from high-end brands

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this app doesn't give you any good margin possibility, maximum you can gain in 15% ... you will spend this money on marketing without getting a penny

Army 1157 Kits Part of Bear Essentials Clothing Company Veterans Owned Business

the bite that is missing from this app is you still have to pay free of Registration fee €90 and Monthly €49 or
Biannual (1 month saving) €245 Annual (3 month saving) €441
so with the fee for this app and the fee from Bigbuy it not any good and not I trying to get a full refund but this look like its going hard

Double Amo Ltd

I installed this app on February 11th and uninstalled it the same day February 11th!

2 weeks later I am horrified to see I have been charged $29.99 for a months subscription.

I contacted shopify and was promised a refund, 7 days later still no refund.

Spoke to Shopify again who took the actual payment and authorised it, they are absolutely useless and made it my responsibility to contact the merchant.


The merchants response below is inaccurate, the refund was not declined nor was it offered without blackmail, I was told I would be given a refund if I removed my review to which I offered to remove the review after refund, this was declined.

No refund given, extremely childish email responses and reccommend people avoid this app at all costs, so many other options out there and cheaper too :)

Developer reply

March 3, 2019

Just to clarify on this, we did offer you a full refund to you're credit card but you declined.
Even though you have had the app installed for 10 days. We also responded to your email the same day that you reached out to us.
The admin of you're shop did actually authorize the charge on February 11 at 7:37 am.


The Auto Sync of Orders is not included in the Pro Plan. To have this functionality you must also pay 49 euro minimum to Big Buy EU. Very disappointed as the app is good to use.


This app is garbage. I initially signed up through the website because I was mislead by the claim that BigBuy supported the Shopify platform and I was charged $188. After being charged, signing in, accessing the control panel and realizing that Shopify is not support yet for another 30+ days, I began my endless attempts to get refunded immediately. They charged me anyway, and even though I have been asking for my refund since the day I signed up, I still did not receive it yet.
Finally, when Shoptigator (BigBuy's official dropshipping app) gets launched, I signed up and register through Shopify this time obviously in good faith since I just lost my initial $188 with BigBuy for nothing. I still get highly disappointed with how the entire process is handled by both the Shoptigator and BigBuy:
Their B2B prices are very expensive and non profitable. In fact, I am insulted by the profit margins. I have calculated on all electronics after shipping has been paid I will actually owe money to BigBuy with most products not make money with BigBuy. I am upset about the long hours and hours I spent learning and customizing their products on my website and marketing it online as well. They are not legitimate wholesalers. They are dropshipping products for you while at the same time they sell their products in competition with you, which is a bad business practice. Basically, they want to be this worldwide distributor, wholeseller, and retailer and not leave any room for you to thrive as a colliding partner. It doesn't make any sense; they might as well become their own buyer too.
In addition, the customer service is complicated and hard to reach by phone. I am in California and can only call their customer service between the hours of 12am-8am Pacific time. No 24/7 call service is available and when I finally got in touch with someone on the phone, they were anxious to end the conversation. I am done with BigBuy and that Shoptigator app. I deleted them both, canceled my subscription, and still making refund attempts. If they gave a damn about me, they should have contacted me a month ago when this was all unfolding.

Developer reply

March 1, 2019

Thanks for your review. Please note that this review is not minded on our app but on BigBuy them selfs. This app is developed by Shoptigrator, and you're mixing this up. Furthermore we offer email support and try to reply to all emails within 24 hours on weekdays. Again confusing this app with BigBuy them self when referring to 24/7 phone support. This is all clearly stated in the FAQ section of the app. If you have any questions you're welcome to reach out to us directly on

Blossom Entreprise

worst app. Doesn't sync with the real big buy.

Developer reply

March 1, 2019

Thanks for your review, as we discussed over email you're quite aware that the app syncs with (the real) BigBuy but you refuse to change your review.

Kids Toys Kingdom

App not synchronising stock at all and customer service never responds. Should be removed from Shopify

Developer reply

March 1, 2019

Hi! Thanks for your review and I'm sorry that you have had issues. I just want to point out that the app does in fact work, but as a free user there's a limit of 100 BigBuy products you can have in store, if you exceed this limit you will receive an email from us, that you need to remove some of them, otherwise they will turn to zero in inventory. Furthermore our support has been improved a lot since your review, so now we strive to answer all emails within 24 hours.


Ok. Tired of dealing with this app. Have the free plan and stayed well under the amount required before you would have to upgrade...products synced to my shopify store but all products say 0 products in stock. I'm done!!! This is so frusting..I'm deleting

Developer reply

March 1, 2019

Hi! Thanks for your review and I'm sorry that you have had issues. I just want to point out that the app does in fact work, but as a free user there's a limit of 100 BigBuy products you can have in store, if you exceed this limit you will receive an email from us, that you need to remove some of them, otherwise they will turn to zero in inventory.


Mauvaise expérience ! j'ai contacté big buy et ils ne sont pas les créateurs de cette app ! j'ai synchronisé des produits pour RIEN !

Sneaky Ts

I warn all of you to avoid this app. I signed up, sold 2 products almost immediately, and got absolutely zero support. No shipping, no fulfillment, no responses for 4 days. Had to refund my customers and take the ratings hit because this company would not support me at all.
When I finally did get an answer from them, the entirety of their answer was, "watch the helpful videos on our website".
I have been selling online since 2005, so I know what I am doing. I did everything right, including contacting them at first set up to make sure everything was right to avoid any complications for the first order. They did absolutely everything wrong.
I even offered to call them internationally to get support, to no avail. If you use this company, you will suffer because of it. They will not meet even their most basic promises or responsibilities. It is amazing to me that Shopify still allows this app when they behave this way.

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