BigBuy EU Dropshipping

BigBuy EU Dropshipping

by Shoptigrator

Start dropshipping authentic products from high-end brands

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I used this app before I uninstall it a few weeks ago when I kept receiving messages that the items were more than 100 but the products in my store was less 100 and now it shows the app is not compatible for our store because we are located in United States? That sounds bit ridiculous.


Hi there, do I need to use this app for my Shopify account or just synchronise the website is enough? So I need to pay for the app and for the website as well?

Developer reply

June 23, 2019

Dear Eibhlin, Thank you for your review of our app. If you have questions please reach out to us on
In regards to your question: I can confirm that you don't need an account with BigBuy, or need to pay for our app. How ever if you want the best pricing from BigBuy then I would recommend either pack B2B (free) or pack Dropship from BigBuy. This app is free if you have less than 100 products from BigBuy in your store.


it's a pity that there is no offical BigBuy app. If you have a problem, BigBuy distances itselfs, but they like to take the sales about that app.
The import works very good. To sync orders with your BigBuy-Account, works also good, but there is no good guidance.
I have one big problem with the price in my shop.
If I change the price, a short time later, the old price is restored. There is no help for this topic and everyone distances themselves so far. I hope there is someone who had the same problem and can help me?


OK, so this App can be frustrating to use, but only because the information about what you get for not having an API key versus having one is not clear, and actually quite confusing. Especially if you have been working with other dropshipping companies.

Basically this App without the API key is a fantastic resource to pull BigBuy products in to your store. When customers make an order on a website without the API key, the website owner will need to go to the BigBuy website and manually create the order there. And then manually put the order tracking details, etc back in to the shopify orders panel.

In order to avail of the BigBuy dropshipping rates you will need to sign up and pay for one of their packages. Otherwise you pay the full retail value. Having a package also ensures that you have the backup to do a manual order, should a syncing problem occur with the App. Get the enterprise solution and you will be able to at some point directly connect with Shopify (but not yet).

Once you have bought one of the packages, you may as well go ahead and ask BigBuy for the API key.

I have just got the API key, and have not had a sale yet to test the usefulness of this. I do hope it works because as my store grows I don't want to have to be manually typing in orders on BigBuy!

So, I give the App 3 stars because it really is useful to be able to easily upload products directly from BigBuy, the pricing automation works well, etc etc But not 4/5 stars because I was totally lost when I got my first order. And ended up being rather forced to pay the BigBuy package subscription, which I most likely would have done anyway at the beginning if I knew I had to, but this was all a bit rushed.

Fingers crossed the API works - will connect back here and edit once I get a feel for how it does work.

On a side note, I did contact the App support about this, and they did get back to me very quickly (within 24 hours) with a reply. So customer service is on the good side.

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The app is decent. The process to add products into (or remove products from) your Shopify store is pretty easy and very quick. I added over 1000+ products in about 30 min of time.

That said, the reason this doesn't get higher stars is because of BigBuy's site ( Everything there is vague and pretty non-direct when it comes to what you must do in order to get things going.

I've emailed their support ( but you only get an automated response saying that you must submit a request using the contact form on their site. I've submitted 2 questions using the site's contact form, but I've yet to receive any response at all (it's been 3 days so far). I've also sent two emails to "", both without a response.

You must create a dropship account on their site - which I did - but it still shows that I'm operating "without pack". It doesn't seem to recognize my account for whatever reason. I've had someone make a purchase on my site but unfortunately I can't fulfill it yet because things are not completely setup on BigBuy's side.

At this point, I'm not certain what exactly to do because nobody will bother responding to my inquiries. Will likely need to end up refunding the buyer's money.

The app works great but customer service is highly lacking and tbh, completely terrible.


This is a good app but to write english i can't but in french i can.
C'est une très bonne application pour synchroniser les produits de Big Buy. Il faut du temps pour le faire mais ça en vaut le coup. Mais en ce qui concerne les commandes et les livraisons en automatique ne fonctionnent pas et qui ne se synchronisent pas du tout avec mon compte pack pro chez BigBuy.

Ihair Hajhosszabbitas Es Pothaj

Dear Jespen
There is any solution to add unique product tags, when importing from bigbuy?
I would like to build my own categories to automatically select products based on the created product tags.
Really need this function!!
Thanks for your help!
Regards, Peter