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Redigeret 8. maj 2024

29.3.2024: Starting Process RMA / Exchange Damaged Hardware by Deliver

A really bad RMA Process, Worse Customer Support i have ever seen. Ridiculous working case times. You will suffer from Bad Experience for your customers and your reputation will get lower, because they don't understand their work.

No answer until today
Hotline is giving after 6 tries of Calling an Notification to another Department
(in my eyes a ridiculous Service! They are seems to be a ripping of Scam)

1 Month later, still not changed or sent the new harddisk, the customer sent 14 ago the harddisk back. Argumentation by bigbuy, the are looking manually in their post entry, where they can find the harddisk. All in all this service is like a joke.

Until today no response from BigBuy about Harddisk, Customer is still waiting for changing broken harddisk!!!

No response. The referred Hotline is nobody taking my phone call. The Information is please try again later and putting off line. Also tried support in 2 languages german and english, no difference!
Today i canceled the paying contract.

Wasted 800 Euro, Unsatisfied Customers, Wasted hours of my time.
If there would exist 0 star, i would rate it with zero stars!
Trustful Partner looks different!

4 måneder bruger appen
BigBuy svarede 9. april 2024

Edit: 12/04/2024

Our hotline is available at this number: +34 96 115 04 22

Monday to Thursday: 9am to 3pm
Fridays: 9am to 2.30pm

We will contact you directly.

We kindly request you stop your defamation.

Dear Partner,

We are sad to read your words.

Our team will shortly get in touch with you to investigate your case and help you.

We would like to remind that we strive to help all our partners, as our main objective is empowering your business and keep being your all-in-one ecommerce partner.

We are at your disposal.
BigBuy team


5. marts 2024


BE AEWARE!! When the time comes you want to cancel your subscription, YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO DO SO! There is literally no option in their control panel to cancel it, even though they lie here that it’s possible!!!
Sent a withdraw request, to get MY money out of their site, received a confirmation that it will be done within 5 business days, it’s been over a week. They don't respond to emails, and theres no money to be seen.
Thinking back at it now, how was i so foolish to fall for this scam like “moneywallet” deposits.

Very convenient system they have set up, which does not allow you to cancel a subscription neither get the money you own out.

Which just means that your subscription keeps running with your money in your “moneywallet” while they ghost you! :)

Lihtsam elu
Cirka et år bruger appen
BigBuy svarede 7. marts 2024

Dear Partner,

We are really sad to read your words.

Our support team answered your request and asked for security documentation to approve your withdrawal, there is no problem for that.

We do not retain any funds and we do not "ghost" any customer, in fact, all your tickets have been successfully answered.

Please check our email and answer so we can process your request.

We also kindly ask you to reconsider your words and understand that we are all working to provide the best possible service.

We are at your disposal
BigBuy Team

23. april 2024

They are thieves. Make you pay, pay more, and more. Don't do and deliver anything. Ignore bigbuy. Bigbuy=big scam
Holland (Nederlandene)
2 dage bruger appen
BigBuy svarede 2. maj 2024

Dear Partner,

We are sad to read your words.

We will for sure contact you to help you with your issue and hope to see your dropshipping business thrive.

Our goal is to establish and long-lasting relationship with all our partners.

We are at your disposal.
BigBuy Team

18. april 2024

Einkaufkosten sind zu Hoch, App ist nicht auf deutsch verfügbar, und was ich ganz traurig Fine sie lässt sich nicht Deinstallieren.

My QueerWear
En dag bruger appen
BigBuy svarede 22. april 2024

Dear Partner,

We are sorry to see you go.

Our reseller can choose among a 300.000 products catalogue and many of them are able to generate great sales.

We cannot see your shop in our system, did you contact us when trying to use the app?

Please contact us here:

Our team can also help you select some of the best products for the season.


Regarding the App, you do not need to interact with it, as you just need to install it.

The interface on our control panel which connects to your shop it is indeed translated to German (and other 23 languages), no need to worry about the app language.

We hope to be your all-in-one eCommerce partner.
BigBuy Team

9. november 2023

Sortiment not good enough.
Prices to high to actually be able to earn a living with you as a supplier.
Had to pay more than 1000 euro to simply be able to access the difficult and slow "Multi-Channel Integration Platform".
Support is slow and not ready to please their customers.
I had the worst supplier experience with you guys and lost a lot of money over literally nothing.

I simply want to cancel my account from you (that I've had for one month), get a refund and part ways without ever looking back.
Cirka en måned bruger appen
BigBuy svarede 16. november 2023

Dear Partner,

We appreciate your feedback and understand that the first month can be challenging for new users.

The learning curve might seem steep initially, but many resellers achieve significant success with our platform and the same catalogue, over time.

We're committed to supporting your journey and want to help you navigate any challenges.

Let's discuss your concerns in more detail and explore how we can improve your experience. Please consider giving it a bit more time, as we believe things can get better with the right guidance.

Our team will try to contact you and schedule a conversation to address your issues and ensure your success with us.

Best regards,

13. oktober 2023

It tell you very great product, amazing drop shipping options and brands, really useful if you want to avoid the brand issues and want to sell official stock, these carriers are great carriers, and have great tech and customer service support in multiple languages.

Also their online ecommerce solutions, delivery & service offerings is very impressive and the support with it in both English & Spanish is complete GREAT!!!

I am glad I started my first dropshipping business with Bigbuy, they put me up at the top with my store quality, my curious experiment turned into a profit making business opportunity.

I am well impressed, INDEED I am.
3 måneder bruger appen
BigBuy svarede 16. oktober 2023

Dear Partner!

Thank you for your review!

We're thrilled to hear that you love our products, dropshipping service, and our customer support in multiple languages.

We're committed to providing the best service and will continue to support your business.

Your success is our priority, and we're here to help.

Thank you for choosing us!

18. oktober 2023

I cannot relate to negative reviews that I’m reading, customer service it’s efficient and with knowledge of their business, you need to do a bit your homework since most of the answer are in the academy. Turnaround is within a couple of hours and the provide with satisfactory answers.


Holland (Nederlandene)
4 måneder bruger appen
BigBuy svarede 19. oktober 2023

Dear Partner,

Thank you for your positive feedback!

We're delighted to hear that you've had a great experience with our customer service team.

We always strive to provide efficient and knowledgeable support.

Your comment about using our Academy is much appreciated, As we're committed to maintaining fast response times and keeping the Academy up-to-date.

Best regards,

29. september 2023

Poor service with staff who have no idea, poor system and app! I had problems with the synchronisation from the beginning and I honestly regret that I paid so much for such a system and service that they claimed to be professional. I can't even make changes to my shop without this awful app just changing things again! I put in so much work and time for nothing...This function is not very clear to set up from the beginning and the system can be improved with great desire!! I don't recommend anyone to work with BigBuy.

28 dage bruger appen
BigBuy svarede 2. oktober 2023

Dear Partner,
We are sorry to read your review.

On the other side, we are sure that we can solve all your doubts, as I can see you already contacted us.

Our team will be in touch with you again. All the issues you are encountering are all solvable:

- Products can be personalized.
- Texts, titles, descriptions, images, prices can be modified.
- You can change the product selection from the category as many times as you want.

It is just a matter of choosing the right configuration for you, we are also working in improving all the information and the guides on our software, so it is easier for you to learn perfectly how to use it.

Thank you a lot for choosing BigBuy, our interest is helping you thrive in your business.

We remain at your disposal.
Best regards,
BigBuy Team

19. juli 2023

Le service client de Bigbuy est juste incroyable. Que ce soit sur whatsapp ou par email, ils ont été très réactifs et m'ont réglé mon soucis d'intégration le plus vite possible. Merci BigBuy !

11 måneder bruger appen
BigBuy svarede 21. juli 2023

Thank you for your positive review!

We are thrilled to hear that you had a great experience with our customer service team. We strive to provide excellent support and it's always rewarding to receive such positive feedback. We appreciate your kind words and we're here to assist you whenever you need us.

Thank you for choosing BigBuy!

16. februar 2024

Excelente soporte

7 dage bruger appen
BigBuy svarede 19. februar 2024

Muchas gracias por tu reseña!

Nos llena de alegría saber que nuestro trabajo ha cumplido con tus expectativas y que has quedado satisfecho con tu experiencia. Tus palabras nos motivan a seguir trabajando con dedicación y pasión en lo que hacemos.

Hasta pronto,
el Equipo de BigBuy