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The all-round solution for your online accounting


Automated invoice processing

The Billomat app recognizes incoming orders and automatically creates invoices based on them so that you have more time for the essentials.

Automatic payment recognition

Incoming payments via Shopify are marked as paid in your Billomat accounting software. Your accounting always stays up to date.

Individually configurable

The Billomat app can be configured individually and lets you choose, for example, the degree of automation.

有關 Billomat

Automatically create invoices for your incoming Shopify orders and automatically mark invoices paid via Shopify as paid. You are free to choose the degree of automation. So you stay flexible. With the automated creation of new customers in Billomat and many other clever functions, this app makes your everyday life easier.


The Billomat app automatically creates your invoices based on the incoming orders in Shopify. You can decide whether the invoices should only be drafted or whether they should be completed and sent to the customers.

Customer management

The automated CRM from Billomat recognizes incoming Shopify orders and assigns them to the appropriate customers in your database. If it is a new customer, the app will automatically create a new contact.


An app as individual as your business: Configure the Billomat app according to your wishes and requirements, for example by determining the degree of automation or specifying the document template to be used.

Keyword assignment

To make your accounting with Billomat easier, you can assign keywords to the invoices created by the app to easily filter them in the software.

Payment Matching

The Billomat app recognizes incoming payments via Shopify and automatically synchronizes them with Billomat. You will not miss any more arrears and your accounting will stay up to date.

Multi-account management

Do you have multiple Shopify accounts? No problem! With the Billomat app, you can also connect several accounts to your accounting software and manage all transactions and invoices in one place.

Please take in mind: The Billomat App is only working properly in the Safari Web Browser if you have unchecked the option "Prevent cross-site tracking" in your browser settings.



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每月 $5

  • Invoice creation based on orders

  • Freely customizable automation grade

  • Freely selectable invoice templates

Connector Plus

每月 $24

  • Invoice creation based on orders

  • Freely customizable automation grade

  • Freely selectable invoice templates

  • Incl. Billomat Business account

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