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Bindo POS

Bindo POS

Developed by Bindo

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  • Inventory Management - Integrated with Shopify
  • Integrated Customer Database and Loyalty
  • Easy to use POS

Connect your online store with your Point of Sale (POS)

With the Bindo Shopify integration all of your product information, customer data, and reports can be managed in one place. Create products in Bindo POS and names, prices, quantities, images and more sync up with Shopify automatically. Real time integration means that if an item is out of stock in your store it will show out of stock on your website. Customer data is shared between Shopify and Bindo allowing you to track purchase history for your customers no matter where they shop. Orders placed on Shopify will show up in your POS, deduct inventory from your store, and be recorded in your POS reports.

Track Customers in a single place and view their complete purchase history for both in-store and online sales!

The Bindo Shopify integration allows you to keep customer data in sync between your store and your website. The integrator will check when a customer places an order on your website, if that customer has a profile in your store (based on customer email address). If the customer does have a profile the integrator will add the order to the customer's purchase history. This means that you can offer loyalty points, using the Bindo Loyalty Program, to customers for purchases that they make in store or online! If a customer does not have a profile in Bindo, one will be created for them. The next time they come into your store you'll be able to see that they've purchased from you in the past through your website (even if they've never stepped foot in your store!).

Sync inventory data thereby saving you time on data entry, and ensuring that you don't sell products that are out of stock.

The integration not only covers common inventory fields such as Name, Description, Quantity, Image(s), Price, Barcode, and Weight, but also Shopify's Tags, Type, and Vendor fields. The integration also supports the ability to seamlessly sync a product with variants, such as a shirt with multiple colors and sizes.

More information about Bindo

Bindo POS is an easy to use iPad based POS system with many features including inventory management, invoicing, reporting, CRM, and more. Bindo works with thousands of retail businesses across the US, Canada, and Asia. Bindo works with many different types of retail businesses including gift, clothing, liquor, vitamin/nutrition, sporting goods, hardware, grocery, garden supply, and others especially those with inventory management needs.

Visit this page for an overview of Bindo POS and to get more information.

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Bindo POS offers various pricing plans that differ based on your store and your needs. Please contact us at hello@bindo.com or 800-692-4636 to receive a price quote including Shopify Integration.

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