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Smart & Easy Email Marketing by Bizzy

Smart & Easy Email Marketing by Bizzy

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  • Bizzy increases your Shopify sales 35% with targeted, automated email marketing. We offer welcome, abandoned cart, upsell, retention, and winback emails.
  • Bizzy emails perform 12x better than MailChimp and other email marketing competitors in side-by-side comparisons, not to mention with 60% fewer emails sent to your customers (they'll love you for it).
  • Bizzy saves you 5+ hours a week with easy email personalization, customer segmentation, and exit intent pop-up integrations -- all designed to grow (and retain!) your email list.

Do you manually manage customer lists across multiple tools? Do you struggle to know how to identify and keep track of customer segments as they change over time? Do you despise having to copy / paste discount codes and keep track of when they expire? Wouldn't you love to spend more time running your store and less time trying to come up with and execute profitable marketing campaigns?

Bizzy is here to help! We support the following features:

Save 3+ hours a week by allowing us to automate as much of your manual email marketing work as possible.

  • Automatically import and analyze customer information from Shopify as new registrations happen (leads and customers)
  • Sync coupon codes between your store and active email campaigns. We automatically generate 1:1 coupons for each individual within each campaign and take care of removing it when it expires
  • Track money made from your campaigns and rest assured that Bizzy is working hard on your behalf

Make 35% more money by using the same predictive and “big data” marketing strategies as large marketing teams – without the cost.

  • Algorithmically segment customers to understand how many customers exist in each phase of your purchase lifecycle

  • Learn which email are statistically better at getting customers to make a purchase decision

  • Have a computer automatically draft the first version of email campaigns based on what has worked for other businesses in your industry

Email marketing automation technology is changing really quickly – we make sure you are always on top of it.

  • Access a state-of-the-art, mobile responsive template optimized for all device sizes

  • Never worry about over-emailing your customers again due to built-in spam throttling on the number of emails each customer can receive within 24 hours

  • Send emails at the optimal time to maximize the open rate for each customer

  • Deliver your emails with Mandrill technology (a MailChimp company) for no additional fee

  • Rest assured that your emails have been tested with Litmus and Email on Acid to make sure they look great on 40+ browsers and email clients (no more dealing with HTML from 1999!)

Sign up for a FREE account today. No credit card required.

  • Easy setup. Getting up and running takes less than 15 minutes. Our 1-click integration with Shopify does not require any installation or downloaded software.

  • Fully supported. We offer comprehensive phone, chat and email support – we’re here when you need us!

  • Affordable. We don’t charge you until your first conversion from a Bizzy email! After that, Bizzy's pricing is a flat monthly fee based on your number of subscribed customers. Our plans our less expensive than MailChimp and start at $29 for unlimited emails / month. Support and training is always free and there is no setup fee.

Here are the top 4 reasons to try Bizzy today:

  1. You'll make more money: Bizzy makes businesses on average 35% more money. In side-by-side tests, our emails perform 12x better than MailChimp and other competitors.

  2. One synced customer list: We sync customers and product order history across any ecommerce platform or external contact list.

  3. Industry-standard emails: Eliminate human errors in analyzing your business, segmenting your customers, drafting campaign ideas, and designing effective emails.

  4. Set & forget: Schedule your automated marketing emails to trigger whenever a customer’s profile changes and fits into a defined segment, so you don’t need to think. Coupons, too!

"I love Bizzy. Before, I had no way to keep track of or grow my customer list. Now, I know what my customers like, and I can serve them better!" – Chau, Aquatica

Smart & Easy Email Marketing by Bizzy reviews (42)


We love Bizzy! The team and app are absolutely great to work with!


Great App. We were using another email app prior to this one and I must say this one is a lot easier and more efficient to operate. Emailing clients can be expensive and time consuming. This is where Funneling emails come in handy. Set it and it will automatically email the right customers at the right time. I hate spamming our clients and this app helps take that spamming feeling away. And the price is perfect. Unlimited emails is where they sold me on the app. I hate paying for email overage. The only thing I would recommend is maybe offer more photo sizes as an option. Our store is very photo intense and I would like to offer larger or more photo samples in our emails to show our clients.

Besides that, nothing to complain about. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work. -Stickerbrand.com.


LOVE this app. The features are perfect for turning every email subscription into a sale in an efficient and automated fashion. Jen and the support team are fantastic and have responded to every question immediately either by email or phone. I am so happy that I've started using this app. Way better than MailChimp!


Listen up guys, If you are not using this powerfull email app, you are literally losing money!.
I've tried many other platform before, but Bizzy just doe's everything much more simple and way better from all the rest.
I really recommend you to try it and see the difference.


Seamless and simple. It's also nice that the fee is based off of conversions, and is therefore the maximum bang for the buck.


Amazing platform! 5 stars! My company has been spending thousands on services that are not even close to this. Easy to learn, best support and affordable to any small business. Get this app!


The Bizzy app is very easy to set up and use immediately. Within 3 days I had a response to the emails and a sale! The integration with Shopify was seamless. I will continue to use the app to advertise for holidays and repeat customers and look forward to future app developments.


This app will boost your sales whit a lot fewer e-mails than other apps. If you are not using this one, you are literally leaving money on the table. It also has astonishingly all kinds of small details and features that save you a lot of time along the way!


This has been an amazing app for us! It has saved us time and the ROI is amazing. We had our first conversion within 5 minutes of the first email going out. Jen is amazingly helpful and our first email was ready to go in minutes.
Can't say enough great things about this!

As a business owner, I appreciate the dashboard showing how many emails are being sent out and what our conversion rate is. Everything is at the touch of a button, easy to navigate, link to our site and they offer great tips about increasing our customer engagement.

I'm very pleased with this app!


I have tried just about every other email marketing company from Constant Contact to A Weber to Mail Chimp and more.......my struggle has always been with finding the right pictures, getting the right layout and then finding the right content and verbiage. As a small company, getting email blasts out ended up being few and far between!

I responded to an email from Jen at Bizzy on the spur of the moment and am so glad I did. The concept is very different from all the rest and it took me a while to let go of the cumbersome processes to get email out on a regular basis (My Bad).

Now I have several different email series set up for segments of my list and it is being sent out for me according to the schedule I have established! The template is so easy to use and get started quickly, too!

Tech support has been stellar. Jen has called me several times rather than email to make sure she understood my questions, or for simple things I get a response via email and chat quickly.

Overall, this email marketing system is completely worth it! While I haven't been with Bizzy long enough to tell you about conversions/sales figures, the freedom to reach market segments at just the right times with so little effort is phenomenal!

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