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Smart & Easy Email Marketing by Bizzy

Smart & Easy Email Marketing by Bizzy

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31 reviews
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  • Bizzy increases your Shopify sales 35% with targeted, automated email marketing. We offer welcome, abandoned cart, upsell, retention, and winback emails.
  • Bizzy emails perform 12x better than MailChimp and other email marketing competitors in side-by-side comparisons, not to mention with 60% fewer emails sent to your customers (they'll love you for it).
  • Bizzy saves you 5+ hours a week with easy email personalization, customer segmentation, and exit intent pop-up integrations -- all designed to grow (and retain!) your email list.

Do you manually manage customer lists across multiple tools? Do you struggle to know how to identify and keep track of customer segments as they change over time? Do you despise having to copy / paste discount codes and keep track of when they expire? Wouldn't you love to spend more time running your store and less time trying to come up with and execute profitable marketing campaigns?

Bizzy is here to help! We support the following features:

Save 3+ hours a week by allowing us to automate as much of your manual email marketing work as possible.

  • Automatically import and analyze customer information from Shopify as new registrations happen (leads and customers)
  • Sync coupon codes between your store and active email campaigns. We automatically generate 1:1 coupons for each individual within each campaign and take care of removing it when it expires
  • Track money made from your campaigns and rest assured that Bizzy is working hard on your behalf

Make 35% more money by using the same predictive and “big data” marketing strategies as large marketing teams – without the cost.

  • Algorithmically segment customers to understand how many customers exist in each phase of your purchase lifecycle

  • Learn which email are statistically better at getting customers to make a purchase decision

  • Have a computer automatically draft the first version of email campaigns based on what has worked for other businesses in your industry

Email marketing automation technology is changing really quickly – we make sure you are always on top of it.

  • Access a state-of-the-art, mobile responsive template optimized for all device sizes

  • Never worry about over-emailing your customers again due to built-in spam throttling on the number of emails each customer can receive within 24 hours

  • Send emails at the optimal time to maximize the open rate for each customer

  • Deliver your emails with Mandrill technology (a MailChimp company) for no additional fee

  • Rest assured that your emails have been tested with Litmus and Email on Acid to make sure they look great on 40+ browsers and email clients (no more dealing with HTML from 1999!)

Sign up for a FREE account today. No credit card required.

  • Easy setup. Getting up and running takes less than 15 minutes. Our 1-click integration with Shopify does not require any installation or downloaded software.

  • Fully supported. We offer comprehensive phone, chat and email support – we’re here when you need us!

  • Affordable. We don’t charge you until your first conversion from a Bizzy email! After that, Bizzy's pricing is a flat monthly fee based on your number of subscribed customers. Our plans our less expensive than MailChimp and start at $29 for unlimited emails / month. Support and training is always free and there is no setup fee.

Here are the top 4 reasons to try Bizzy today:

  1. You'll make more money: Bizzy makes businesses on average 35% more money. In side-by-side tests, our emails perform 12x better than MailChimp and other competitors.

  2. One synced customer list: We sync customers and product order history across any ecommerce platform or external contact list.

  3. Industry-standard emails: Eliminate human errors in analyzing your business, segmenting your customers, drafting campaign ideas, and designing effective emails.

  4. Set & forget: Schedule your automated marketing emails to trigger whenever a customer’s profile changes and fits into a defined segment, so you don’t need to think. Coupons, too!

"I love Bizzy. Before, I had no way to keep track of or grow my customer list. Now, I know what my customers like, and I can serve them better!" – Chau, Aquatica

Smart & Easy Email Marketing by Bizzy reviews (31)


Signing up for Bizzy has been a huge help and relief for my business! Jen works very closely with you and responds promptly to any and all inquiries! She is also incredibly kind and very sweet! I am pleased to say I've achieved great success using this app:) I'm very excited to continue using and growing with Bizzy!


Bizzy has been amazing, and it's gotten better. Email marketing can be your most vital line to customers, and it's generally one that they prefer. So this saves an amazing amount of time while allowing us to connect with out customers and fans in a really easy way.

Now, about ROI. For us, it was instant. Jen an the team can usually get you up and rolling fast. I had them help us get our email list integrated so that we could start with a bang.

Really great app and service. Highly recommend.


Bizzy is fantastic, support is exceptional. After explaining to them a bug in Shopify that has been around for years (Shopify POS customers who pay with credit card, then have their receipt emailed to them, do not get their "Customer accepts marketing" option checked by default in accordance with system wide default setting. (but cash customers do). The folks at Bizzy created a web hook to solve the problem, now I only need to manually toggle the "Customer accepts marketing" option on their shopify account and they will be added to our Bizzy email list.
Thanks Bizzy for your great service and innovated solution to allow us to keep in contact with our customers


Salvaged a sizeable amount in sales within the first week of using this. Just takes a bit to get all your custom templates figured out and you're off to the races.


Bizzy is one of the best apps we use with Shopify. Not only has it transformed our way of doing e-mail marketing, but we also have seen immediate results in our sales since we started using Bizzy. Jen and her team work so hard to answer all of our questions and they have even added features on Bizzy now from requests we have made to them. Their customer service is superb!


it's not one of the best e-mail apps IT IS simply THE BEST! Their support is one of a kind! I received a call and was asked how things are going and if I needed help, and actually I did but had no time to reach out to them. I was all set and ready to go within hours. You won't find anything better!
Elica Lemann,
Lica Cole


This is the best and easiest thing I ever used for setting up auto responders Love it !!!! If you don't get this you missing out on some great email marketing that is uncomplicated.


I was turned on to Bizzy by a friend using the app, and after using MailChimp for years, I was ready for some change. The reviews here seemed almost too good to be true, but I gave it a shot.

I signed up exactly 1 month ago, and Bizzy has converted $3 223 for us so far!!! (It costs me $60/month, so pretty clear that it's worth it).

Not much more to say, it just works!


This is my 3rd store with Bizzy. It is simple and works! Really good tool and the price is great.


We started using Bizzy to streamline our email marketing and switch up what we were already doing in hopes of increasing our online sales. Emails were set up and turned on in April and we immediately saw an influx of orders and a steady flow of online orders since then. Even other employees have noticed and asked what we did differently to be getting more orders so frequently. The new features they have added recently have been a huge help to quickly evaluate what's working and what isn't. Overall, we are very happy to have made the switch to Bizzy! Also, there customers support is awesome. They are quick to respond and very helpful every time I've needed help.

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