Blast Store Pickup & Delivery

Blast Store Pickup & Delivery


Control your local delivery, store pickups & shipping flow.


Store Pickup

Let your customers pickup your items from your store location and any locations you sell in.

Local Delivery

Deliver products to your customers locally, this feature is fully customizable by state & zip code.

Shipping Calendar

Flexible shipping calendar with blackout dates, state or zip code restrictions, advanced notice & future order restrictions.

有關 Blast Store Pickup & Delivery

About Blast Store Pickup & Local Delivery app by Webinopoly

A high customizable app that offers the flexibility of Store Pickup or Local Delivery options to your customers, adding increased value to your business. Webinopoly will roll out regular updates with new and advanced features to help streamline your customers’ experience.

Why do you need this app?

With this app, you are able to give your customers choices about how they want to receive their ordered products: 1. You can encourage your customers to collect their orders in-store which helps them save money on shipping. Customers are able to choose easily the nearest store location as well as an appropriate time to arrive. 2. You can also offer your customers the local delivery option where they can choose a preferred date and time they want you to deliver them. 3. You are able to customize and manage different available pickup and delivery time slots for each of your stores so that it is convenient for both you and your customers.

Why choose Webinopoly?

Webinopoly Team has more than 5 years’ experience building Shopify Apps with high-ranking apps and an impressive number of reviews and ratings. We are a high-skilled technical support team. We work fast, handle requests quickly and serve you wholeheartedly.

Main Features:

Store Pickup

  1. Create as many store locations as you wish
  2. Able to do Bulk Location Imports/Exports from a CSV file
  3. Specify the pickup location description: address, working hours, telephone, etc
  4. Let customers choose location, date and time where they want to collect their orders
  5. Set Break hours -Time of a day customers can't pick up
  6. Manage Inventory with Product Tags
  7. Manage Inventory by syncing Store Location with Shopify Location
  8. Supports auto detect Location feature
  9. Find the nearest pickup location by searching based on postal code
  10. Set restricted deliveries based on zip code #Local Delivery
  11. Set max radius distance validation
  12. Supports auto-detect delivery area
  13. Set delivery date and delivery time customers can choose to receive their orders
  14. Offer an unlimited number of delivery slots at each location
  15. Limit available delivery slots per day

Additional features

  1. Send notification emails to the store admin and customers after every complete order
  2. Select Blackout Dates to prevent pick up/delivery orders on special days
  3. Set time intervals between placing an order and pick up/delivery
  4. Set waiting time after placing an order before pick up/delivery
  5. Able to set pick up/delivery only mode
  6. Give pick up/delivery conditions based on price or weight
  7. Support themes which use Ajax Cart
  8. Translate into other languages
  9. Provides brilliant UI and smooth user experience

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