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29 de julio de 2021

We installed this tool and we really wanted to work with them. We had bad experiences with other agencies in the past, so I hoped that Blend would meet our needs. They set up 2 Google Ads campaigns and the problems started ...
1. Google Shopping - almost $ 4 per click. Pretty expensive, isn't it?
2. Product Feed - They could not work with our product feed because they advertised the wrong product price when we launched "SALE". So obviously we couldn't beat up our competitors. The difference was about 30%.
3. Call - I am so busy running 2 companies in 2 countries and studying my master at UNI. I also prefer to be contacted via email rather than 1h call and keep everything in a written form. Then people can't lie, they forgot something or didn't say etc. Because I refused to have a call with them and wasted 1h while all these issues could be sorted out via email, they just cancelled our contract. Because of a call? While we have been running Ads for 2 weeks? That could be managed much sooner.
4. Updates - All of these issues should be resolved before running any campaign. So we burned the money for nothing. Why didn't they come to us earlier, there were problems with our campaigns? Nobody cared. It seems like.
5. Contacts - Everything they asked we did in a minute. They emailed us what should be done from our side and we did it in a minute. Once they cancelled our contract nobody contacted us back.

Guru Muscle
17 días usando la aplicación
Blend A.I. Pty Ltd respondió 29 de julio de 2021

@Guru Muscle, the entire team was committed to helping you - we even analysed previous campaigns over the last year to identify issues - all at no cost to you. We like to be in touch with our clients and communicate at every step, working as a team to ensure the best results -- we are sorry that in this instance you were too busy to work with us. Good luck with your future campaigns.