Blingy: Jewelry Dropshipping

Blingy: Jewelry Dropshipping

by The Doughty Organization

Your logo on our jewelry dropship products and no minimums!

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Tactical Industries

Absolute garbage! Every order shipped later than expected. Had to email them numerous times to reship orders as they were never getting dropped off at the post office. Took 5 orders and everyone received wrong items so took down the site to find a new company to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT USING THEM!


I was deeply disappointed in their promise to pack orders in the logo as it is shown in the pictures for the pro-plan. None of the orders were packaged that way. They promised a refund and it was never received. New to this industry every penny counts and they are quick to take the buck but are not quick to fix the problem or even willing to fix the problem at all. I realize mistakes are made and I went to them 2 times to work things about before writing a review but I highly recommend not using the pro plan. Prices are good and the quality relates to the price but they are not honest when it comes to the pro-plan.

Developer reply

January 10, 2020

Hi there! Thank you for installing our app. I looked into your case and it was indeed missing the logo.

We are always able to refund when a merchant is unsatisfied with their order or if we make a mistake. To get a refund for the Pro Plan, you just need to contact Shopify customer support to get the refund. We do not do the billing, as our monthly fee goes onto your Shopify invoice.

Please reach out to Shopify customer support to request the refund, and it will be approved for you.

Genellz Spot

Totally disappointed!!! I upgrade to have the products shipped with my logo on the box. However, my customers did not receive such service I forgave the first time this happened because as we all know mistakes happen but for every delivery afterward the mistake was not corrected. I have paid the $19.00 for November and December and would like a refund since the promise made was not kept. We all know presentation means a lot and for my customers to get the item in a bag with the chain tangled. I must say I am furious. I am asking for a refund.

Developer reply

December 23, 2019

I'm sorry there was an issue with the logo. I'm looking into this right away, and of course you can have a refund since we screwed up and didn't provide what was promised.

Platinum accessories

I wanted to try out Blingy so I purchased a couple items to test out the shipping times. I have to say i'm NOT really impressed. I don't know if I want to put my brand on the line and possible disappointing my customers. I ordered my items on 12/13 and I still haven't received my items. When i track my shipment it states that its coming from New York on 12/19 and it arrived in Maryland on 12/19 later that day and it arrived at the delivery facility in Baltimore yesterday on 12/20. It's now 12/21 and I did not receive my package and the last tracking info is stating December 21, 2019
In Transit to Next Facility
Your package is moving within the USPS network and is on track to be delivered to its final destination. It is currently in transit to the next facility. What next facility its at the delivery facility I guess. I've ordered many things from vendors from New York and I've always gotten it pretty quickly.

Developer reply

December 21, 2019

Thank you for giving us a try. So you are aware, your product was shipped within our stated lead time we put both on this page under the FAQ section, and inside our app. Our lead time is as follows:

When we receive an order, it will take 3-5 business days for us to ship the product out from our facility. From there, it can take 1-5 days to reach your USA customer. For international orders, delivery after the product has shipped may take a few weeks depending on their customs process for their country.

Since your order was on 12/13, 5 business days would be 12/20. So this is the day it must ship by to be within our stated lead time on this page before you install the app, or inside our app we state this. Your order shipped 2 days before that.

We then say it can be 1-5 business days depending on location. So that means an additional week of 12/27 as the latest amount of time it can be delivered. We cannot control how long USPS or FedEx take to delivery, so we always try to ship earlier to help get orders delivered faster.

USPS guarantees delivery before Christmas, so you will get it by 12/24 also. Since it is already in Maryland(where it is to be delivered), I'm sure it will be delivered 12/21... 12/22 at the latest.

Can A Girl Catch A Break Chic Boutique LLC

I ordered a test order earring to see what my customers were getting, it arrived late, i also paid for the pro and just canceled today because my LOGO that i have uploaded is not PRINTED on the box as shown in the app, company logo! it was a black and white paper taped to the box, apparently you guys did not know it was coming to me and thought it was a customer. Please refund my account for the months that i have paid for PRO. Thank you wish if i could have snapped a picture and show this FORUM what was sent to me.

Developer reply

December 14, 2019

I'm sorry it was not clear that the logo comes as a sticker label on the jewelry box. We do mention inside the app that the logo must be black and white only.

We will make it more prominent in our listing and inside the app that the logo on the box is a sticker label adhered to the lid of the jewelry box.

We always want our merchants to be happy, so we have no problems refunding. We cannot tie your shop name on this review with an account. It must be a different name inside your Bling account. Please send us a message inside the app or via email and we will work on getting your account refunded.

Heart of the Village

I placed 2 test orders from my store and both orders arrived late with missing/incorrect products. Still waiting on the Blingy to see if/how they will correct.

Carefully read the response from Blingy and read the other reviews. They are not a reliable provider so use them only if you are looking for one-and-done clients.

Developer reply

December 23, 2019

Hi there! Since this was an error, we refunded for the missing products. We apologize for the order that was late. That order was refunded completely.

Cerule Jewellery

Like most here had high promise for this app, but like others in the review have encountered the same issues. Will not be using in 2020

Ava & Avery Jewelry

Looks like scam. I have 3 orders, with every single one there was a problem.

The first order ist " paid" and "fullfilled" but has no tracking number (after about 10 days).
The second order was a test order from me, so 5 minutes after checkout I wrote an e-mail to the support, asking to cancel the order. Got no response. So I wrote a second e-mail a few days later and got told by Joanna that she will forward my request. Still no response or a refund.
The third order is "paid" and "fullfilled" and has a tracking number. But if you search that tracking number with USPS the status is "Label Created, not yet in system". No updates for the last 4 days.

Definitely not recommended if you want to build a long lasting brand and good relationships with customers.

Developer reply

October 31, 2019

Hi there!

Sorry for your troubles with our service. If there is ever an issue, you can send us a message and we can help resolve it. We aim to have 0 order issues, but we process over 2,000 orders a day through all our sales channels, and we do occasionally have some mistakes. This is why we ALWAYS offer refunds/reships if there is ever an issue.

If you can send me an email, I can lookup your account and I will personally follow up on your refund request. We have no problems refunding an order from a cancellation request.

As for your last order, we have a lead time of up to 5 business days, so please wait a few more days to see if the tracking number updates.

I would just like to provide an update.
1st order - we have now supplied you with the tracking number. It was 1 day late to our standard 5 business days lead time. We are sorry for this and let you down for it.
2nd order - We have emailed you the proof of the refund. We had already shipped the product, as you emailed us on a weekend so we didn't get to it until business hours on Monday. Even though it shipped, we care about our customers, so we still provided a refund, no problem.
3rd order - This was actually shipped via FedEx and showed shipped the day you wrote this review. Delivering on Tuesday. We have followed up with you in regards to this order via email. This order was also not late, as it was shipped before our standard 5 business day lead time.

The Only Gem

Honestly, I think I'm going to change my supplier and delete this app. Customer service is not responsive and when they do respond they give you answers that leave you desiring more. I have less than 10 orders and there are already issues with customers not receiving packages and wanting refunds. To keep my customer service reputation intact, I reached out to blingy to resolve the issue and they left my messages on seen. They intentionally respond at the end of the day so when you respond you will always have to wait until the next day for a response! I have asked some questions that I still have not received answers to. A lady named Joanna is the primary chat agent and she keeps saying she is gonna escalate my issue to Danny but I rarely hear anything back from her or Danny. I am highly frustrated and tired of this nonsense. I do not and cannot recommend this app to anyone. To Blingy, please run your business like a business and have simple things like customer service and shipping information. I have given them time but I get the same awful service every time! Warning, if you want to throw your money and reputation out of the window then this IS the app for you. I will not change my review until I receive better service but I get the feeling I will have a different supplier when they actually decide to respond! Also blingy, please do not tell me about your many daily orders because I have your service and have not experienced anything good!

Update: I have been blocked from contacting customer service and to my surprise this morning, my credit card that was exclusively linked to Blingy, was charged $544 under a different "jewelry company's" name. I haven't used this card anywhere else yet, not even for my new supplier. It's funny how after my negative review, this charge appeared and I'm blocked. My team is currently running a trace and I am looking to pursue legal action. Again, this company is not to be trusted!

Developer reply

October 8, 2019

Update: Hi there! You can reach out to us at We certainly did not do any fraudulent charges with your account. We would never do something like that. And we also haven't blocked you from our customer service. Our live chat is for Pro Plan users only, if that is what you are talking about. However, we are still available for all free plan users through email. We don't do any retaliation from bad reviews, that would be immoral and unprofessional, and we do not run our business that way. You can reach out if you want any clarity and would like anything.

Thanks for your review! Sorry for your negative experience. We work hard to answer everybody's customer service inquiries as quickly as possible.

We have had thousands of merchants install our app just in our first month, and we definitely were not prepared for that, but we worked hard and came up with a solution for the warehouse and customer service to implement processes fast that can handle this load.

Orders have increased, popularity has increased, and our product catalog has increased. We have made the necessary changes to answer and respond to customer service inquiries faster, and to get orders and tracking on-time. None of this should be an issue any further. We are processing over 2,000 orders a week as a company, and we have the capacity now to take on much much more.


horrible app. i had to give this app up as i couldnot trust them anymore, the products don't look like the advertised images. The packaging is horrible. They charge you for custom branding but there's no custom branding. Fraud company.

Developer reply

September 25, 2019

Thanks for your kind review! Looking forward to you getting your samples.