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19 oktober 2022

The app is great; works exactly as described! Thanks to Shahar from customer support; he was really helpful in resolving my issue.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Ungefär en månad
29 september 2022

We installed this app to help us with unwanted fraudulent transactions and also phishing emails from scammers and fraudsters. It has reduced drastically since installed. It works great so far. We can block entire countries and IP addresses from past fraudulent people. It has a whitelist in case you want to add specific customers to that list not to be blocked. You can also block Bots and VPN's that are known to be suspicious. You just need to activate the feature. As for the country block feature, you can add or remove as many countries as you wish. Help support answered our concern quickly, and we hope this app continues helping us by avoiding these unwanted fraudulent people.

Abella's Beauty Store
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 7 dagar
27 september 2022

I like this app. It is easy to understand and it does what it says. It lets you see the I.P. address or country it blocked or who it allowed to pass. I also like the fact that it automatically selects every country if you want all countries blocked. One app I used, made you type in every country manually. Customer service is also helpful and friendly.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Ungefär 2 månader
27 september 2022

This is the app I'm looking for. I've been using this app for 2 weeks and feel good. Almost VPNs were blocked. The team supports me a lot. Thank you. Hope the team can develop the function that can block all spam orders.

ZiZoou Store - Streetwear
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 10 dagar
7 september 2022

It is a helpful app if you need to block certain countries or players from spamming your website. The support is premium, I only wish we are able to download a CSV file of the visitor's analytics, this is very important as we can use it to claim invalid clicks with Google.

Jewellery With Love
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 6 månader
31 augusti 2022

2D artists have a lot of trouble with businesses in China pulling images off the website and selling them. Since copyright loaw does not affect China it is a major problem. I noticed that one of my top referrers to my website was a store entirely in Chinese. I also only ship to US and Canada. With this app I was able to block website visitors from countries besides US and Canada. It appears to be working very well and that referrer has not shown up again in analytics.

Serenity Scenes Photography and Digital Art
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 2 dagar
29 augusti 2022

We manage to block a lot of fraud and scammers using this plug in! it s very helpful, other than that, the visitors analytics also have enough data for us to analyze frauds!

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 16 dagar
Effective Apps svarade 30 augusti 2022

Shopify, please refer to tickets #30450233, #30827683, #32285658 and #32664327 that we opened about this suspicious review. Thanks.

19 augusti 2022

Life Saver!! It blocks people that are purchasing on fraudulent credit cards. Fees from the cards when they reverse can be very high if item purchased was high. These can really add up your losses. Thanks Blocky for your app. We have blocked countries that are high in fraud. Working perfectly. Customer support was fast and efficient as well!

Unwind In Time
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 2 månader
18 augusti 2022

Does exactly what it should do. Easy options to adjust settings and lots of useful analytics to check. Recommended!

Kpop Moon
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 9 månader
11 augusti 2022

the app is great, I am satisfied with the function to block some proxy and bot visitors, good! thank your for the service!!!!!!

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