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13 september 2023

I installed Blocky because I kept receiving unwanted solicitations for SEO/digital marketing/website development/Shopify expert services. I recently contacted Shopify support about this very issue, and they were unable to help me. It really, really irritated me that these people were auditing my site and getting glimpses into my site traffic, sales reports, and other data that I consider sensitive and rather personal. I don't know about you, but I don't like people poking around in my business unless I specifically invite them to, and these people were definitely NOT invited.

Since I installed Blocky and blocked certain countries and regions, I have not gotten a single solicitation email. Not a single one. I looked at my reports, and Blocky has -- to date -- performed 11 Total Country Blocks & Redirects and 13 Total Proxy & VPN Blocks. So the app is working, and doing exactly what I wanted it to do. Thank you, Haseeb and the dev team, for coming up with this great solution to my unique problem. I'll definitely be telling Shopify support about this app so they can recommend it to other shop owners like myself, who don't like getting randomly audited by faceless people over the Internet. Thank you for helping to protect my store data and my privacy. Worth every penny.

The Knickknack Shack by Darthside LLC
4 dagar användning av appen
22 september 2023

I had a bad experience not long ago through an application that alerted me to some individuals who were accessing my project without permission with outdated accesses. I immediately requested Shopify to resolve this situation as soon as possible, and after a series of steps to follow, they advised me to download this application. I must say I was amazed by this application, very easy to use, and above all, Haseeb has always been very kind and extremely professional in the responses and very prompt. Thanks to this app, I can carry out my project without any worries.

18 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 26 maj 2023

Blocky: Fraud Country Blocker does it's job well. My store is a couple of months old and since I started creating it I have had issues with hackers trying to take down my Shopify store. My husband works in IT and recommend this app. Blocky: Fraud Country Blocker is really doing it's job. My husband also had his own website and did deal with bad customers from foreign countries known for these practices. They would purchase high priced items and then requesting chargebacks. They created many unnecessary headaches for him.

Fragrances Beyond
11 dagar användning av appen
28 april 2023

We feel more confident with this product since we were cloned last year from someone in another country. It is nice to be able to see they locations where people were blocked that are in areas we do not sell our products. I messaged to make sure it was set up / working correctly and got an immediate response and also confirmation it was working by them providing a screenshot of the site block.

River Chic Designs
7 månader användning av appen
12 september 2023

I recently opened my Shopify ( merged from another website provider) and I was inundated with multiple scammers wanting to "enhance" my store. This app effectively blocked ALL of those scammers as they were from other countries. Fabulous app and It allows you to block specific IPs which is great for high risk fraud customers. If you are on the fence, just get it ,the customer support is fabulous, too!

Bark and Oak
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
19 augusti 2023

Blocky is a great app for managing who gets access to your website and blocking unwanted traffic. It effectively blocks whole countries, VPN's and specific IP addresses of your choosing when visiting the 'Visitors Analytics' log within the app. You can also whitelist IP addresses.

I was getting a lot of unwanted traffic and communications from Nigeria and Blocky has helped tremendously in restricting access to my site from scammers based in the country. There is a 'Right Click' blocking feature and a 'Geolocation Redirector' also.

I thoroughly recommend it.


Desirable Tees
13 dagar användning av appen
12 september 2023

This is a very efficient app with good support. It's clearly very well thought out with clearly defined options. Most importantly it does what it says on the box, a lot of apps claim to do that but few achieve it. Highly recommended for anyone that needs to use this.

3 månader användning av appen
3 mars 2023

This is the only App from Shopify I would recommend. Before I purchased the App, their chat room was very helpful and went over the features. After I installed it, they were there to help me set it up. An excellent app that has taken care of my problem and is currently blocking the IP addresses I needed to do.

Harvest Array
2 dagar användning av appen
1 juni 2023

Great app! It does what it says it does. You can see where potentially harmful visitors are coming from and it does the blocking for you. You can also tell it who to bock etc. I like having that control. It adds another layer of safety. Great app. Great customer serive. I'm thoroughly impressed.

4 månader användning av appen
19 november 2022

Amazing support! I had some error trying to adjust to my store, but Shahar helped me right away. I highly recommend this app. Worth every $. Thank you!

Omiyage From JAPAN
12 månader användning av appen