Blog Articles in Collections

Blog Articles in Collections


Highlight your best blog articles inside your shop collections

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Relevant content in collection

Put your amazing articles in front of your visitor while they are looking at your collection. It is easy to use and not intrusive.

Instruct Visitors

Visitors need insight about how to choose the right product for their needs. Help them with informative blog articles.

Increase retention

Looking for content on other websites is a common habit. Inserting content directly within your collection increases the retention rate.

有關 Blog Articles in Collections

Use "Blog Articles In Collections" to display your best blog articles in front of the right visitor, in the right collection. Visitors will directly find the information they need to better understand and choose among your products.

What is the app doing?

For each of your collections, you can add a product slot to promote your best blog articles. We help you to feature a blog article in a collection page.

In this new product slot, you can display:

  • Blog title or custom text
  • Article title
  • Article main image

You can customize the way the text is displayed (color, size, background-color). For more customization, email us, it's free!

App functionalities

Associate blog articles with any collections. The app will add a product slot in your collection. This new slot will link to the specific blog article in case a visitor click it.


  • Add links to your Shopify blog inside any collections, by creating a new product slot
  • For each collection, chose which blog article you want to display
  • Choose in which slot your blog article will be highlighted
  • Customize the design

You can add as many blog articles in one collection as you want

Focus on converting

People visiting your blog are most likely to purchase. Making your visitor reading the right piece of content is the most challenging part.

Thanks to "Blog Articles In Collections" you can display your blog article in your collection.

Putting the right content at the right place will increase your conversion rate. Purchase guides are the most efficient way to convert visitors who visit your website. But, they must actually see your content!

With "Blog Articles In Collections", display Purchase Guide, testimonials, promotions directly in your collections!

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A very good basic app that serves the purpose. The team was very prompt and efficient with the support too. Keep it up guys.

My Life

I really like this app & it's very useful. They are really helpful people. If you have a blog this is a must. I wish them all the best for their success!


I used this app to add blog articles to various collections in our store. I had some very minor issues when I started, but when I contacted Thibault for clarification and assistance he provided prompt, thorough service and worked with me until I was completely satisfied. I recommend this app... it works well and allows us to provide a greater level of service to our customers. Many thanks Thibault!