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Blog Sales

Developed by Casual Ecommerce

8 reviews
Price: Free – $5.00 / month More info
  • Take advantage of viral traffic
  • Generate sales right from your blog
  • Show targeted products that readers would be interested in

Blog Sales – Take Full Advantage Of Your Blog’s Traffic

Blog posts may be one of the most underutilized traffic generation strategies in all of e commerce. Many sellers don’t even have a blog! What a waste of traffic. But that isn’t the only issue, even stores that do use a blog, aren’t taking full advantage of the opportunity.

The typical strategy in e commerce with a blog post is to get traffic to your website, and “hope” that before or after reading your post, the reader decides to take a look at your products, and possibly buy. The problem with this is, not many readers will do this, in fact, next to none will. Now yes, this does give you targeted traffic you can re target with ads later, but what if you could do more?

With Blog Sales, you can select specific products from your store, and have them displayed to every reader of a specific post. We recommend selecting products that are related to your blog post. So what does this mean?
Let’s say for example you have a store based on dog products. And you have a blog post about pugs, you can select a few products in your store that would interest someone who likes pugs, and have them shown to every reader of that post. Now, every single visitor to your blog will be exposed to some of your products, meaning that you don’t have to hope that they decide to browse your site and look at products.

We didn’t stop there though, because we thought, people who are clicking on your post and reading it, are there to digest information, not purchase products. So how can we raise urgency and change that? Simple, create a coupon code, and activate the countdown timer feature of Blog Sales, and create a deadline. Now not only are readers being shown relevant products, now they are being offered a discount on these products, a discount that will be ending in a short period of time.

If you already have a blog on your store, this is a no-brainer way to increase sales. And if you don’t have a blog, then it’s time you start taking advantage, and if you don’t know how to get viral traffic to your blog, we show you how in our training videos on our website.


-Fully customizable pop up template

-Ability to set a deadline for special offers

-Autoplay feature allows various products to be shown and cycle automatically

-Customers can add products to cart straight from the blog post


The base version of this app is forever free. However, if you have a lot of blog posts and would like to have products automatically added to each post, then you will need to upgrade to our paid plan of $5 per month.

Blog Sales reviews

8 reviews
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Update: now when I try to launch the app I get this huge error message:

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1. in /var/www/html/blog-sales/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/base/Component.php at line 481
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* handler list. If false, the new handler will be inserted at the beginning of the existing
* handler list.
* @see off()
public function on($name, $handler, $data = null, $append = true)
if ($append || empty($this->_events[$name])) {
$this->_events[$name][] = [$handler, $data];
} else {
array_unshift($this->_events[$name], [$handler, $data]);

* Detaches an existing event handler from this component.
* This method is the opposite of [[on()]].
* @param string $name event name
2. yii\base\ErrorHandler::handleFatalError()
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Very nice app but I'd like to see it AUTOMATICALLY randomly link products to Shopify blog articles.

As far as I can see, you have to go into to the app and MANUALLY link products to each and every one of your separate blog posts.

I have 16,000+ blog posts so this is a non-starter as far as going back and linking products. And I write many dozens more every day and so it's a pretty time consuming proposition.

Would immediately lift the star ranking from 3 to 5 stars if they would set up a system that would allow us to randomly or sequentially or somehow AUTOMATICALLY link our products for sale to our blog posts.

It's really an incomplete app without that feature. But holds GREAT PROMISE with it!


Works great on desktop and normal mobile browsers. Unfortunately most of our traffic comes from Facebook and Facebook opens links in its own browser on mobile. On the Facebook browser, the ad cannot be closed - no X to close visible. A user can not clear the ad and see the blog post, so they just leave. Perhaps this is theme related but we had to uninstall as soon as Facebook users started complaining that all we were doing is blocking them with an ad. I still appreciate the effort on your app.

Free – $5.00 / month


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