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Overall the app is good
However, they charge you over $2 per credit for AI writing the blog when you can go to write sonic, who they use and have unlimited AI writing credits on write sonic for the same amount a month as bloggle.

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Bloggle 已回覆 2022年5月25日

Thank you for your review and for saying our app is good even if you are not satisfied with the pricing 🙏

Bloggle can be used without the integration with Writesonic. You are not forced to pay for AI-generated blog posts. Furthermore, we are fully transparent, giving the name of the tool we use so that all our users are free to use it outside of Bloggle. We cannot offer the Writesonic generated content as we are billed for each blog post you create in Bloggle.

You do not pay Bloggle only for the Writesonic integration. You pay it for:
- Being able to improve your SEO
- Add rich sections to your blog posts, including products, videos, buttons, reco blog posts
- Earn time using schedule, templates, favorite sections
- Integrate your fonts, colors, and styles in Bloggle

These features will never be available in the Writesonic app, and they do not integrate with your Shopify blog.

If you want to give another chance to the Bloggle app, feel free to install it again or answer my email 😃



Great, FAST customer service right out of the gate. I'm still in my trial and I already know for sure this app will be worth the price.

Knot Another Hat
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Bloggle 已回覆 2023年5月24日

We're thrilled to hear your positive feedback on our customer service and that you're already finding value in our app during the trial period. 😃

Thank you for choosing Bloggle and welcome to our community! 🙏


Très satisfait de cette app de blogging. Bien plus facile à utiliser que d'autres que j'ai pu utiliser comme Shogun, elle répond vraiment à mes besoins. En plus le support client est très réactif et efficace !

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I have tried a few apps already and this one nails what I am looking for! It edits my existing blog articles with my new format which allows me to keep the structure of my multiple existing blogs. It is very easy to learn, in less than an hour I feel like I am a PRO. The ability to save templates as a whole, and individual pieces of content for reuse is genius and will be a HUGE time saver.

If I could make one recommendation for the developer (so far) it would be amazing if there was a way to group multiple pieces of content together and make that a reusable element.

Good Dogs Of Greenville
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Bloggle 已回覆 2023年3月26日

Hi Karly!

Thank you for your fantastic feedback! 🌟

We're so glad our app meets your needs and helps you feel like a pro in no time! 💪

Your suggestion for grouping multiple content pieces is definitely noted, and we appreciate your valuable input.

We'll keep working to make the app even better for you! 🚀

Happy blogging! 😊


It’s pretty good and better than the other blogging options for Shopify(although to be fair, the handful of others are complete garbage). However, it’s still very very buggy and not suitable for use in a heavy duty blog. You change font styles due to bugs, you can’t change button colors due to bugs, even the process of signing up for a trial is riddled with bugs. It’s also as expensive as Shogun or Pagefly, which both can do much more. It’s more expensive than hosting your own blog on WordPress or Webflow. If this product functioned as intended and were priced at about $15-20/month, it’d be a killer app.

Christian Pure
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Bloggle 已回覆 2021年12月24日

Thank you for leaving us a review. We are always doing our best to make our users satisfied 🙏

As we told you by email, your issues were due to your theme not being listed in our database. We proposed you add your theme to our database to use the app properly, but we did not get a response.

Our app is less expensive than Shogun and Pagefly and is the only one that is focused on creating blog posts with specific features such as SEO scoring.

Feel free to test our app again in the future. We are always here to help our users make the best blog experience for their clients 😊



DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. I imported the highest ranking blog on my store into this app with the hopes that I would be able to add products in directly rather than having to create manual buttons. Immediately after importing the blog, the entire structure was completely messed up. Images were made x 50 size. Buttons were moved from under product images to the middle of paragraphs. Links were changed to a barely visible color. The entire blog was put in an H4 tag? Given this absolute disaster, I uninstalled the app. I was horrified to find that even after uninstallation, all of the changes remained on my store. Over 100 hours of work that I put into the 12,000 word blog post are now completely destroyed thanks to this horrific app. Do not trust it, and do not download it. Thank me later.

Audacia Home
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Bloggle 已回覆 2022年5月12日

I'm Julien, the Bloggle founder. I'm sorry you had an issue with our application.

I sent you by email all the content of your blog post to ensure nothing is lost at all. I also sent you the content on our chat, but you uninstalled our app without responding.

Our app will never update the Shopify blog posts without merchant action. We have a backup database to avoid any losses when you import a blog post into the app so that we can bring back the entire post if there is an issue.

Sorry again for the bad experience.

Feel free to contact us or reinstall our app if you want to 🙏


I installed this app and was really disappointed. The tool for it just does not work as advertised and was really clunky. Also, it was hard to get rid of. I tried uploading a blog and it changed all the code to their style and I had to delete it and rebuild from scratch. Lastly, I noticed on my Google Analytics account that the word Bloggle is now showing up as a result. This has nothing to do with my business so I am curious what they are doing in my code. Seems a bit intrusive. I would avoid this app and find another.

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Bloggle 已回覆 2023年3月25日

Hello Mike,
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our Bloggle app. We're sorry to hear that you had a disappointing experience, and we'd like to address the issues you've mentioned.

When you import a blog post into our tool, it may require some work from you to redesign it using our sections. Please note that if you are unsatisfied with the import result and do not want to spend time modifying it, it will not impact your existing post unless you publish it. We also maintain a secure database containing all the content (including styles and HTML) of imported blog posts, in case you accidentally publish a post and want to revert to the original version.

The "Bloggle" term appearing in your Google Analytics is an event we send to GA to help you track and compare the performance of Bloggle posts versus other content. We apologize if this was unclear and seemed intrusive. Our intention is solely to provide valuable insights to help you optimize your blog performance. Naming the GA event category "Bloggle" is the easiest way for you to identify the origin of the events without any doubt.

We have emailed you to offer a discussion about your 10-minute experience with our app. We would love to understand how we can improve to make it better!

Please feel free to contact me by email or book a meeting in my calendar!

Wishing you a great weekend.


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