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Refer a Friend, Loyalty Program, Referral Program Automation

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Automate Referral Program

Design referral program page and pop-up to gain ambassadors. Sharpen word-of-mouth with customized sharing messages on multi-channels.

Refer a Friend, Boost Sales

Motivate ambassadors to refer friends and earn rewards. Save acquisition costs, grow customer lifetime value, and boost referral sales.

Produce Loop Returns

Infuse referral & loyalty programs with the look and feel of your brand. Attractive rewards, higher engagement, more purchase loop returns.


BLoop Rewards & Referral Program is a referral and affiliate marketing solution that facilitates refer-a-friend actions to boost sales and expands customer lifetime value through reward bonuses and incentives.


  • Design an eye-catching REFERRAL POP-UP to show on your homepage!
  • Optimize UX/ UI on the app to bring sellers a better experience.
  • Make our referral page look attractive on more themes.

Automatically generate a robust referral program in less than 3 minutes

A great referral app for any small business! You can design and launch quickly both:

  • Referral Page (Ready-to-use templates or creating your own)
  • Referral Popup (Easily change color and position to match your brand).

Give you more spaces to show the referral program on the Shopify store and draw attention. Turn them into ambassadors, refer friends and boost sales for you; then incentivize them with appealing rewards.

Setup reward rules as you wish

You can incentivize ambassadors and referred friends with sales-hook rewards, making them engaged and deliver many successful referrals.

  • Easily set up specific reward types for referrers and referees to improve your bottom line (Fixed amount & Percentage);
  • Define minimum order amount to improve your bottom line;
  • Set coupon code expiration date (coming soon).

Double the strengths of multiple channel sharing and influencers

Once your loyalty & referral program is live, the activity of referring friends takes place, which positively influences the site traffic and brand identity.

  • Urge ambassadors to refer friends by customizing referral sharing messages on each channel: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Messenger;
  • Push traffic up and approach a wider pool of customers with smart referral marketing;
  • Boost your social proof by igniting word-of-mouth marketing.

Spread your referral program with Email marketing

Give you a great referral marketing tool to promote your referral program with close customers or potential leads via email.

  • Customize the look and feel of email notifications for both ambassadors and their friends to inform them automatically.
  • Invite potential customers to join your referral & affiliate program with email marketing.

Keep track of the refer a friend performance effortlessly

More and more ambassadors refer a friend to earn referral rewards. You would need an effective management way to dig into referral behaviors and foster their works.

  • Show metrics on the referral program dashboard to get an overview of the referral program status;

Speak your own language

Use our built-in translation feature to change English to your wanted language. A better way to communicate with your customers.

Thrive in sales with BLoop Referrals Now!

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Hedonist Tribe

This application does exactly what we need for referrals and rewards. It's easy to setup within minutes. The support has an amazing response time and service. Because of the amazing support, we were able to customize the design to our style of the webshop. Also the developers are quick solve any issues. If you are looking for a refer a friend app, this one is perfect for it

Mets Wijnen

Does what it promises and on top of that offers great support if you have questions or difficulties setting this up!

ONE Essentials

A great free app. This app allows you to set up a refer a friend scheme with such ease and is super user-friendly for the customer. As a new app, there are some limitations on what you can customise yourself, but the customer service team seems to work 24/7 and is very helpful with requests. The look and design of the dashboard for business and how it looks for customers is super clean and slick.