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Refer a Friend, Loyalty, Rewards, Referral Program, Management

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Automate Referral Program

Auto-generate referral link, popup and widget. Empower word-of-mouth with customized referral messages on multi-channels to refer a friend.

Refer a Friend, Boost Sales

Motivate ambassadors to refer a friend and earn coupons. Save acquisition costs, grow customer lifetime value, and skyrocket referral sales.

Customization, Management

Give rewards & referral programs the look and feel of your brand. Attractive reward coupons, detailed analytics, and more purchase loops.


BLoop Referrals & Rewards is a top-tier referral marketing app that facilitates refer-a-friend actions to boost sales and expand lifetime value through rewards.

LATEST UPDATES (2 December 2021)

  • Referral Management Board: List of referrers & referees.
  • Customizing referral sharing URL (in Basic plan).

Auto-generate a referral program in less than 3 minutes

Design and launch automatically:

  • Referral Page/ Referral link.
  • Referral Popup (Easily customized to match your store vibes).
  • Referral Post-purchase widget at Thank you page (in Basic plan).
  • Define the primary color & font of the referral program to fit your brand!

Give you more touchpoints to show a professional referral program in the store.

Setup reward rules as you wish

Reward ambassadors and referred friends to keep them engaged and drive successful referrals.

  • Easily set specific reward types for ambassadors and friends to serve your strategy. (Fixed amount & Percentage);
  • Define minimum order amount to improve your bottom line;
  • Urge customers to order as soon as possible with coupon code expiration date.

Protect stores with Scam Detection

  • Auto-detect referrer emails at the checkout to prevent them from playing tricks.

Personalize multi-channel referral program sharing

Once your loyalty, rewards & referral program is live, the activity of referring friends takes place, which positively drives the site traffic and brand identity.

  • Appeal ambassadors to refer a friend by customizing referral sharing messages on social channels: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Messenger (exclusive feature);

Spread your referral program with Email marketing

Promote your referral program with existing customers or leads via email.

  • Customize the look and feel of email notifications for both ambassadors and their friends to inform them automatically.
  • Encourage customers to bring a friend to your referral & affiliate program with a unique referral link.

Keep track of the refer a friend performance effortlessly

You would need an effective management way to dig into referral behaviors and foster their works.

  • Show metrics on the referral program dashboard to get an overview of the referral program status.

Speak your own language strongly

  • Use our built-in translation feature to change English to wanted languages. A better way to communicate with customers.


  • Free plan: This ensures every store launch a complete referral program with must-have features. Best for small businesses with a medium demand for customization.
  • Basic plan: This offers a higher customization ability. Best for businesses with a high demand for brand identity and customization.

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  • Referral Page & Popup
  • Rewards & Coupon Expiration Setup
  • Scam Detection
  • Branding
  • Translation
  • Building standard referral programs



  • All FREE FOREVER features
  • Post-purchase Widget
  • Flexible Scam Detection
  • Advanced Branding
  • Watermark Removal
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • And more!

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4.9 af 5 stjerner

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Excellent referral tool, easy to implement and with tremendous potential, it has helped us a lot since we implemented it in our store

KiiCo Play

The app basically does everything we need it to, super amazing service from the team helping troubleshoot and fix the initial issues we came across. Some improvements would make much better: some stops in place to not allow for self-referrals, also options to let the referrer to stack their earned discounts.

Second Nature

Very nice app, useful for us, thanks for your valuable support. we are happy to found this application.