bLoyal: Loyalty & Promotions

bLoyal: Loyalty & Promotions

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Omnichannel Loyalty, Subscriptions, Promotions & Engagement

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Create Points or Loyalty Dollars rewards programs with flexible accruals and redemptions that keep your customers coming back for more.


Let your customers access unique customer benefits with a pre-paid subscriptions while creating new recurring revenue streams.


Dynamically segment and automatically engage your customers from the moment they signup with you, maximizing their lifetime value.

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bLoyal offers an omnichannel loyalty marketing solution for driving long-lasting customer relationships that integrates your Shopify web store and your POS system seamlessly.

Key Features

  1. Omnichannel Single Master Customer Record
  2. Automated Subscriptions and Recurring Order Management
  3. Powerful Promotions
  4. Flexible Loyalty Programs
  5. Real-Time Lifecycle Engagement

Omnichannel Single Master Customer Record

  • Customers can easily join your programs online or in-store
  • Ensure a single master customer record with all their information, purchase history and communications in one place

Automated Subscriptions & Recurring Order Management

  • Create new recurring revenue streams
  • Pre-paid or recurring billing subscriptions to let your customers access unique customer benefits
  • Standard or custom recurring orders for products that can be shipped or picked up in-store

Powerful Promotions

  • Increase your average ticket with promotions targeted to specific customer segments
  • Order level and SKU specific promotions like volume discounts, BOGO & GWP
  • Cross-sale and up-sale capabilities
  • Frequent buyer programs over multiple purchases

Flexible Loyalty Programs

  • Retain customers and bring them back for their next purchase
  • Accruals on total purchases & product bonus points.
  • Automated points conversions to promotions or awarded coupons
  • Configurable points expirations to create urgency

Real-Time Lifecycle Engagement

  • Engage with your customers via email and text messages to grow your programs
  • Dynamic segments to automatically engage with your customers throughout their lifecycle
  • Personalized messages from signup and first purchase to lapsing customers to drive specific customer behavior

Set up your Account in less than a day!

With bLoyal you can quickly configure, design and launch a brand-new loyalty or subscription program. You can start simple and add more capabilities as your business grows. No coding skills required. Our Support Team is here to help you all the way.

To use the bLoyal App you will need to create a bLoyal Account. You will be redirected to create this Account as part of the configuration of the App. bLoyal offers plans for businesses of all sizes with endless scalability. Additional fees may apply.

Contact us if you need any help in finding the right Edition for you.

Just download the app to get started!

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  • Clover,
  • NCR Counterpoint,
  • RMH,
  • Datasym,
  • Microsoft Dynamics

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Core Edition


  • Single Master Customer Record
  • Loyalty Tiers Program
  • Automated Lifecycle Engagement
  • Order Level Accruals and Promotions

Pro Edition


  • Everything in Core, plus:
  • Pre Paid and Recurring Subscriptions
  • Dynamic customer segments
  • SKU Level Accruals and Promotions

Marketer Edition


  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Frequent Buyer programs
  • Cross Sell and Upsell Capabilities
  • Recurring Ship and Pickup Orders

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