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Sales Manager for Shopify POS

Sales Manager for Shopify POS

Developed by BOLD

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  • Run sophisticated sales in your retail store and manage it all through your Shopify POS.
  • Timed Sales, BOGO, Buy X Get a Discount on something else, Spend $$ Get X Off and more!
  • Calculates sales automatically so your staff don't have to think!

The latest version of Shopify POS for iPad is required for this app to work.

This app is designed to let you run just about ANY type of sale you can imagine on your Shopify POS

We all know sales are the backbone of most retail stores. It's rare to walk into a store and not see some type of a sale going on. For example, "Buy any two shirts, get one half price", "Spend over $100 get a free hat", "Spend $100 or more and get 10% off", "50% off all mens swimwear", "20% off between 9-10am" and the list goes on and on.

This app allows you to setup all these types of sales on your Shopify POS and calculates it for you when customers make a purchase.

The beautiful thing about it is sales created with this app ONLY affect Shopify POS, and not your online store! It's actually the only way you can run "POS Only" sales.

✓ The app figures it out for you!

This app will save your staff HUGE amounts of time and headaches. When you add all a customer's products to the cart the app calculates all the discounts and sales for you. Based on the items in the basket, it determines what deals are available. For example, if you have a "buy two of any shirt and get a hat for half price", it checks all the items to see if such items are in the basket. If so it applies the discount.

PLUS, not only does it calculate the sales, it lets you know if the customer is close to reaching a sale and how much more they need to spend.

Some of the sales you can create with it:

✓ BOGO - Buy One Get One

By far one of the most popular types of sales retail stores run. A BOGO sale is where you buy a certain amount of products in a group, you get another product in that group at a specified discount.

BOGO sales can be simple "buy one get one" sales, or they can get quite advanced.

Here are a few examples of "Buy one get one" sales you can run:

  • Buy any shirt, get a second shirt for half price.

  • Buy 3 shirts, get one free.

  • Buy any two shirts, pants or jackets, and get a third shirt pant or jacket for half price.

* In BOGO sales, the cheapest item in the group is always the one discounted. For example, if two shirts are $19.99 and one is $14.99, the $14.99 one would be the one that gets discounted.

✓ Buy Something Get Something Else

This is similar to a BOGO sale, the only difference being that you buy something from one group of products and get a discount on a product from a different group of products.

Here are a few examples of "Buy something, get something else" sales:

  • Buy a shirt, get any hat for half price.

  • Buy two or more shoes, get a pack of socks for free.

  • Buy two or more shirts, get a free hat.

* The key difference here is that the discounted product is not the same as the full priced product.

✓ Spend X Get a Product

These are sales where it doesn't matter what products a customer buys, they just need to spend a certain amount to get the deal.

A few examples of "Spend X get a discount on product" sales are:

  • Spend $50 or more and get a free battery pack.

  • Spend $100 or more and get 50% off any t-shirt.

✓ Spend X Get a Discount

This is purely a monetary sale type. An example would be "Spend $50 or more and get 5% off your whole order", "Spend $100 or more and get 10% off".

✓ Straight up Discounts

Have you ever wanted to just put your whole store on sale for a day? Maybe a Black Friday sale, or something similar? "Straight up Discounts" are the type of sale you need for that.

A few examples of "Straight up discount" sales you can run are:

  • 10% off the entire store.

  • 25% off all "Accessories", and 10% off all "Pants".

  • 10% off a group of hand selected products.

✓ Timed Discounts (Daily Deals)

This app has a built-in scheduler that allows you to apply an automatic time limit to any of the sales listed above. Beyond that, with a little bit of creativity, you can run some pretty neat sales too!

A few examples of "Timed sales" you can run are:

  • Daily Deals, or "One-Day only" sales.

  • Power Hour sales. Great to boost slow times of the day.

  • Progressive Sales. 50% off from 8am - 10am. 40% off from 10am-12pm. 30% off from 12pm - 2pm, and so on...

✓ Plus many more features!

There are many more features that help make running your retail store a little easier:

  • Sale library to manage your sales. Pause, play and re-use sales.

  • The ability to stack sales on top of each other.

  • * "Near Sale" notifications for clerks. If enabled, the app can let your clerks know how much more a customer needs to spend to reach a sale.

  • "View Only" dashboard in the POS lets clerks see all the active and scheduled sales, and all the details, without giving them the ability to edit sales.

  • Plus much more...
  • If you're serious about running a retail store, you need a serious app to manage your sales. This app comes with a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL. You can get started running sales today!


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