BOGO Discount App

BOGO Discount App


Initiate BOGO & Quantity based discounts in bulk.

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Offer Free Item to Boost Sales

A perfect sales boosting mechanism that helps you captivate customers and generate revenue from your eCommerce store.

Sell More with Teir Pricing

This app enables mass discount based on predefined tiers. This encourages customers to purchase more in order to avail discount.

Set up Bulk Discounts Fast

Set up discounts on specific products, as well as collections at once. This compliments your sales strategy by increasing revenue.

BOGO Discount App 정보

A Powerful Instrument to Boost Sales

BOGO Discount APP is a reliable tool to increase your eCommerce sales by offering exciting discounts on your selective and entire collection of products. It streamlines your sales strategy by automating discounts on your store and improving customer user experience.

You can easily enable this app from the back office and set up options based on your store and personal preferences. The app will take care of the rest, activating discounts based on individual purchases and bulk purchases without requiring any additional effort.

Modes of Discounts

Quantity Discount:

  • Buy 5 to 10 units and get 5% discount on same item
  • Buy at least 10 units and get $5 discount on each unit
  • Buy between 5 to 10 units to get 10% discount, buy 11 to 15 to get 20% discount

BOGO Offer:

  • Buy 3 shirts and Get 1 red shirt free
  • Buy 5 black pents and get 2 ties free

Special Offer:

  • Buy 2 shoes and get 50% discount on socks
  • Buy mobile phone and get $5 discount on mobile cover

Buy One, Get Other Free

Enable BOGO discount on single and combination of products to boost sales. You can set up multiple BOGO discounts to improve your sales.

Tier Pricing – Quantity Based Discount

You can select percentage increments or fixed discount on the quantity of products your customers purchase.


You can set unlimited custom and predefined badges for sales, discounts, special and BOGO offers.

Bulk Discount – Product and Collection

This feature helps you enable BOGO and quantity-based discounts on individual and collection of products.

Display Message for BOGO Offers

To keep your customers informed about discount offers, you can create and display offer on your product. This shares the enticing details of the offers which eventually prompts action.

Add Quantity Based Pricing Table

Making things simple, you can attach a table for quantity-based pricing on the product page to help customers understand and qualify for larger discount tiers. This motivates customers to purchase more products and get larger percentage of discount

Compatible Themes

  • All Free themes
  • Masonry
  • Flow
  • Motion
  • Sunrise
  • Split
  • District
  • Context
  • Streamline
  • Empire
  • Venue
  • Avenue
  • Envy
  • Warehouse
  • Impulse
  • Loft
  • Prestige

Note: If you have any theme compatibility issue with our app then contact us at We will make it compatible for free.

Current Version.v..1.4.0 (05-04-21)

  • Stop loader after app installation.
  • Theme compatibility & Other Minor issue fixed.

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Initially had a problem with the sales feature. Support helped fix an issue I had with the app very quickly.

FRWRD Skincare™

Does variant BOGO's which is more than I can say for 99% of apps out there. However it does not work and slows your product page down to a crawl. Also has basically 0 options for customizaion. It's simply not ready to be live.

개발자 회신

2021년 6월 28일

Thank you for your feedback. It is to let you know that we have recently optimized the code of Bogo Discount App to improve its speed and performance. Please reinstall the app and let us know if you are still having the issue. Thanks.