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Automate Stock & Order Sync

Koongo integrates your store easily with the Bol marketplace. Automatic inventory and order synchronization for FBB or FBR orders

Stop Losing Sales

Advertise and sell your products easily on Bol marketplace. Manage your Bol orders in your Shopify store. Don't miss a sale on Bol anymore

Instant Sales Management

The Bol app updates your product inventory and pricing within few minutes on Bol. Try Koongo for FREE for 30 days. Full support included automate your sales 정보

NEW FEATURE – Update Stock feed

NEW FEATURE – Bol API version 5 is supported

Bol app automates your inventory and FBR/FBB order synchronization for the Bol marketplace. For both NL and BE locations.

It gives you full control over what products you sell on the Bol channel. And helps you to increase your revenue and brand awareness on

Be where your customers are

Generate more traffic and sales. Reach potential customers on the Bol marketplace directly from your store.

Automate product and order synchronization

Import your Bol marketplace orders into your store. And sync your inventory automatically. Manage your marketplace orders just like your Shopify orders.

You can set the Bol app to synchronize:

  • FBR orders only
  • FBB orders only
  • both FBR and FBB orders

Keep your data fresh. Always.

Koongo centralizes your product data. And distributes them automatically on the Bol marketplace. An API integration transfers data changes almost in real-time.

It allows you to sell products low on stock on the Bol marketplace and your store at the same time.

Save your time and effort

Optimize, scale, and automate your Bol online marketplace activities with Koongo. Increase your efficiency by automating tasks. Koongo gives you a complete solution for your product data feed management.

Modify product price

Modify your product price for Bol channel to cover marketplace sales fees or shipping cost

How does it work?

  • Install the Bol app and create your Bol product feeds
  • Use Koongo advanced filters to optimize your product data - e.g. increase product price, select a specific group of products, etc.
  • Create an account on Bol marketplace
  • Activate automatic inventory and order synchronization. And monitor your new sales

Bol app pricing and conditions

The Bol app uses a fixed price model - $34.95 per month. No additional fees are applied.

Bol app includes:

  • 5000 item limit (total sum of unique SKUs or IDs)
  • Both NL and BE locations
  • Order synchronization - BE and NL
  • 30-day FREE trial period

Koongo: Sell on Marketplaces alternative

You can use Koongo: Sell on Marketplaces instead of the Bol app to increase the item limit. The functionality is the same. No item limit is applied. The Koongo app can be used for other marketing channels like Amazon, eBay, Beslist, etc.

The main difference is Koongo app dynamic pricing. The final price is based on the number of:

  • items
  • channels
  • order connections

The Koongo app starts at $24 per month. This configuration includes:

  • 2000 item limit
  • 5 channels
  • No order connection

30-day FREE trial & full support

FREE 30-days trial. Take your business to the next level, and let our Bol app simplify your multi-channel strategy.


  • Langify,
  • Metafields Manager,
  • Custom Fields,
  • repricer

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Fixed plan


  • Bol marketplace - NL/BE locations
  • 5000 item limit - sum of unique SKUs or IDs
  • Order management - NL/BE
  • FBB/FBR processed
  • 30-day FREE trial

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Burke & Keen

I installed this app to sync Shopify with BOL.COM; I installed, setup the account, selected Shopify, BOL was not available, and from my Koongo account page it told me to use another app, so installed "KOONGO Sell on Marketplaces", it took me to the same screen. I'm caught in some sort of loop, and the documentation tells me that when I select "Shopify" as my channel, I am supposed to see a new screen. No screen is available, I am stuck. So far this has been a horrible experience! It shouldn't be this difficult to setup and sync a other 12 Shopify apps were setup without a hitch, not even a support inquiry was ever needed, until this app!

개발자 회신

2021년 8월 31일


I'm sorry about the issue. It's fixed now. Please check again. You can contact me directly at



After asking for a senior I actually got a great guy that helped me through it all. We had major issues with the dutch/english translation, but he managed to fix it all! OLD REVIEW
Support told me to use a specific app to translate, 80EUR and a few hours of manual work later, the translation app doesn't even work with the Koongo system. It has been a month and 80 e-mails later and the integration is still not up and running. I would advice anyone to explore other options.


Unfortunately Koongo seems to have decided not to support this app anymore. Upon creation of an account at Koongo it keeps pushing towards installing the Koongo app (not version). At the one single second my store managed to show up in my Koongo account, it was quickly clear that Kongoo wants to push users to its dynamic plan, since no functions were usable without picking another plan than the plan described in the Koongo app. I feel clickbaited and do not advise anybody to install this app and create a Koongo account.

개발자 회신

2021년 6월 21일


I'm sorry for any misunderstanding. The Koongo app notification should not be too pushy. Can you please send me more feedback about the app behaviour to I'll talk to designers and modify that.

In regards to the apps, the Bol app includes only Bol integration with order synchronization and 5000 items limit. The app is offered for fixed price of $34.95/month.

The Koongo app offers various marketplace integrations. The price is dynamic and starts at $24 per month for 2000 items, no order synchronization included. So, the Koongo app might be a cheaper solution than the Bol app if there are up to 5000 items and no order synchronization is activated.