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Redigeret 15. juni 2023

Update: the issue has still not been worked out, as per response from Bold.

Unfortunately, there is a serious glitch in Bold's currency conversion in the subscription app. Bold has still not been able to resolve this after over a month, and it's causing us ongoing issues for our customers and our accounting.

It's been frustrating as they are taking a long time to answer, I've been passed around and had to answer the same question by different people twice, and now the person who I had been speaking to has gone on holiday and I've been passed to someone else.

The glitch is that when customers have their subscriptions changed from the backend they then get charged the amount set by our store, only it's in their original purchase currency. So if the price in our store is 49.60 AUD, and the customer originally purchased their subscription in USD, when we swap a product for them, they start getting charged 49.60 USD instead of 32 USD (which is the correct conversion rate).

It's a massive issue, as we changed the products in ALL our customers' subscriptions (the customer was effectively getting the same product, we just had to create new SKUs in Shopify and update the subscriptions accordingly), so this is now happening to around 25% of subscription transactions, as these are in USD.

Also, when we change products in the backend, some customers are being charged for postage and others aren't - we have no idea why.

Cirka 2 år bruger appen
BOLD svarede 14. juni 2023

Thanks so much for writing in with your feedback. We are so sorry to hear of the frustration you’ve experienced with the currency conversion as well as the wait from our team. We take this feedback very seriously as this is not the expected behaviour of Bold Subscriptions. I can confirm our team has been in contact and have uncovered a cause. Please keep your eye out for further communication. We would love to turn this around and get you back on track to success!

1. juni 2023

Customer service is responsive but the app itself has some issues. No bulk edit or pause button- so if we are skipping a week of delivereis I need to manually go in and change each individual subscribers account. Also they don't charge taxes on the initial sign up for taxed items (but they do on subsequent charges). If you edit a product in a subscription group it will not update current subscribers to the updated product- you will need to swap with another product then swap back. Works week to week but when you want to do anything else it is a real pain.

Argus Farm Stop
Cirka 2 år bruger appen
BOLD svarede 2. juni 2023

Thanks so much for taking the time to write in with your feedback. Our developers are always working on ways to improve Bold Subscriptions and bulk changes are coming soon! Our team has reached out to provide some help with the tax issue you are seeing as this would not be the expected behaviour. Please keep an eye out for the email from our team. We would love to help get to you back on track!

28. juni 2022

Yes, this app does provide the ability for subscriptions, however basic functionality is often broken. We are bombarded with emails from unhappy customers who cannot change addresses or card details. Sometimes orders are sent to addresses that have been deleted both in the customer profile and the app!!! It makes us look completely incompetent to the customer. This has become damaging to our business and we have now taken the decision to change to ReCharge in the hope the service is better and more reliable.

The Sourcing Table
Næsten 2 år bruger appen
13. december 2022

Chintak walked me through a problematic situation. She is professional and helpful. The Bold app however, would be better if it auto populated price changes so it would not be so manually inefficient.

Mere end et år bruger appen
BOLD svarede 15. december 2022

Thanks so much for writing in. Your feedback is extremely valuable to our development team. It is true that changing the price of your products will only affect new subscribers and not existing subscribers as they are held to their subscription agreement price by default. However, we are happy to hear that Chintak was able to help you apply a solution that worked for you. Thanks for choosing Bold!

Redigeret 14. januar 2021

I'm so disappointed in this app. I'm not even out of my free trial yet and have already spent countless hours with support because of shipping issues and other issue with version 2 of this app. My customers can't do local pick up of their subscriptions and since the app automatically chooses the lowest shipping rate, I've had to figure out workarounds for that. I use other BOLD apps and really love them, which is why I chose to go with their subscription one. I hope they will fix these soon because I really would love to love this app. I love everything else about it - it's just the shipping issues that really cause problems.

The Spunky Cauldron
Mere end et år bruger appen
BOLD svarede 20. januar 2021

Thank you for your honest feedback - we are sorry to hear about the issues you have been having with the app. In Bold Subscriptions V2, all shipping is handled within the Shopify admin itself, not within Bold. Here is an article from the Shopify which provides a ton of information regarding subscription shipping.
We would love a second chance to get you set up for success! We have confirmed that one of our experts has reached out via your ticket email, please keep an eye out and we are standing by to help!

22. september 2021

I love the control that BOLD Subscriptions gives to customers for managing their subscriptions. However, once subscribed to a product, BOLD will continue placing Subscription orders for that product even if that product is put in Draft mode, Archived, out of inventory etc. Their suggestions was for me to manually examine every subscription and cancel each subscription for any customers I could find that have that product. We never have the same coffee for more than 4 or 5 months and swap old ones out for new origins all the time. I was hoping that BOLD would give the customer a notification that the product they are subscribed to is no longer in inventory and give them a link to manage their subscription... It's already got the function of allowing a customer to swap or cancel or suspend ...but no way to prevent a subscription from just continuing to run, even when there is no product to ship. I hope there is another Subscription app that gives better control over this type of situation.

I Have a Bean
6 måneder bruger appen
24. november 2020

I loved V1, but... It's disappointing that V2 has removed the straightforward 'Introductory x discount, followed by y recurring discount' feature. This was in V1 and has now been removed. You may want to consider this before you purchase the app While a workaround been suggested to create the initial discount code on Shopify, it just can't compare with the above feature, which is much more straightforward with less steps from a customer point of view. Plus, being a workaround it actually didn't give me the same outcome. I still have faith in V1. Appreciate if the team can help bring this niche feature back to V2. It's a real seller for me and I'm sure for a lot of people.

Fresh As Deliveries
25 dage bruger appen
BOLD svarede 25. november 2020

Thank you so much for your honest review. We really appreciate the feedback on the features that you would like to see on V2. Our developers are working hard on building out some of the features that you know and love from V1, and look forward to rolling them out in the future.