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25. Mai 2021

Not quite as user friendly as it could be for non-discount subscriber products. (i.e. monthly subscription boxes, product of the month club, etc.)

Tulip Design Co.
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BOLD hat geantwortet 25. Mai 2021

Appreciate the review. Sorry that our app isn't yet user friendly enough with the referenced features, we'll use your feedback to continue to improve our app. Thanks for choosing Bold.

17. Februar 2021

Had a good chat with customer service (Laurel and Sid). Unfortunately unable to resolve shipping prices on subscriptions due to Shopify automatically defaulting to lowest shipping rates. Overall good system though. Cheers.

iNZect Direct New Zealand
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
BOLD hat geantwortet 18. Februar 2021

Thank you so much for your review. We are so happy that Laurel and Sid was able to provide you with the service you needed. We are constantly working on making our app better and we really appreciate your feedback!

8. Mai 2023

The app is great, but is more difficult to customize and navigate that other apps I've tried. Brysen was great to work with in helping me with my issues, but he wasn't able to resolve all of my issues without getting another department involved. Still, we are pleased with this app so far!

Wonder Oral Wellness
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BOLD hat geantwortet 9. Mai 2023

Thank you for taking the time to write in with your feedback. We are so glad to hear you are happy with the app so far, and Bysen was able to get you to the help you need. Our mission is to see you succeed! Thanks for choosing Bold!

13. Januar 2021

I really appreciate the customer support. I had some issues understanding how to set up my subscriptions, and Gagandeep helped me and was super-patient. I'd love to see more options for setting up the look of the plugin on my products page, and the ability to offer subscriptions only without offering a one-time purchase.

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BOLD hat geantwortet 20. Januar 2021

Hi there! Thank you for the great review. So thrilled to hear that Gagandeep provdided great support.
Also You are able to make a product subscription only via your Shopify admin :) This option can be found under Products -> All Products -> select the product you want to be subscription only -> Check the box to "Only allow purchase of this product as a subscription" -> Select Save.

10. März 2021

I am still in the process of setting up everything and so far it seems easy. Once I get everything up an running I will then determine the ease of this app.

Natalie's Kitchen
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3. November 2020

Cody was a great help in arranging the install and answering questions. Still need the install team to fix some issues, but it's very simple interface to use as someone who doesn't want to get involved in coding/script etc. Not as much functionality as V1, but I like the integration with shopify checkout to make the process much smoother for the consumer, and hopefully for me too. Hopefully more functionality can be added over the coming weeks/months to take it to another level.

Peggy Orange
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BOLD hat geantwortet 4. November 2020

Thank you so much for your review! Your feedback is so important to us. As with every new release we are listening to feedback like yours to determine what features and functionality you are looking for and how we can improve for the future. So thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the smooth integration with the shopify checkout.

21. Januar 2021

Priyanka was great and very helpful with implementing the app! She was quick and tested everything for me. Have not used the app yet.

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18. Januar 2024

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