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BON2tv & Shopping

作成: BON2 Media Services

Sell to customers alongside shoppable interactive videos.

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Free to install & publish

Publish your product inventory & Sell as many products you wish with just 4% commission of the final cart sale without hidden costs.

Branded social & SEO elevation

Branded storefronts with readable URLs that customers trust. Made to share anywhere on the web. Helping your stores SEO visibility.

Stand out from the competition

Get discovered & create higher engagement rates with ads that lead to sales. Choose from social media posts, interactive videos & more.

BON2tv & Shoppingの詳細情報

BON2tv & Shopping syncs your products & relevant information about your Shopify store with BON2tv to start selling right away. You can then run engagement campaigns. Choose from social media posts to shoppable interactive videos to share on your own site or across the web.

We lead our viewers to merchant products & storefronts with video entertainment.

When watching video content, our viewers can pause at any moment to interact with shoppable icons on their screen. While engaged with these icons, BON2tv displays information about brands, products, actors & locations. All while ushering shoppers to your store. The products you sell with us are sold from your own branded storefront & when viewers want to shop similar products to what is on their screen while watching short and shoppable entertainment videos.

Exposure with engagement campaign opportunities.

We offer exposure to millions of shoppers out there who are looking to buy your products with the combination of entertainment & information. Our sales & advertising platform utilizes embeddable videos & photos on any website. With integrated, human-readable branded URLs that help SEO, driving traffic towards your storefront via vertical & landscape compatibility, we enhance the interaction between you as a merchant & your customers. It makes it easy to drive shoppers to your online presence & ultimately more sales.

Flexible options to get the edge over your competition

We offer seven different levels of engagement starting as low as $10 to boost your business presence.

You can advertise & sponsor from a huge library!

We offer even further exposure via sponsorship of curated interactive videos from a growing number of popular media outlets & content types ranging from the biggest Hollywood movie trailers made by Disney, Netflix, Billboard Music or Warner Brothers. In addition to sports, DIY, lifestyle, cooking, fashion & music videos with some of the world's most influential people. If sponsored by your store, your own branding, products & social media are visible on every shot of the interactive feature for anyone to engage & buy from at any moment. Even if the video has nothing to do with your products! Your exposure & sales are boosted by associating with media companies that draw large audiences.

Now is the Best Time to Get Started

Take advantage of our unique services and give your business the boost it needs today!

Join our growing community of successful Shopify sellers.

Visit our site for daily updated engagement levels & rates.




4 % commission of final cart sales. Engagement ad campaigns start at $10. Visit the link above for more details.

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Hanu - Shop All Jewels of Life

The response was quick and i was able to solve the issue. Good to know that someone even on a Christmas Day was working and feels the responsibility to answer a customer....good job Bon2TV...

I just installed the app and when i tried to create a campaign, it says no products available and the error was: Unable to import products
Make the products available to BON2tv and try again Not sure what step needs to be done to import the products, and there is no option on the bon2tvpage to import either. Hanu



Hello Hanu,
I hope our reply to your review in the email was helpful. Because of your experience, we will also include a step by step guide to making products available to BON2tv & Shopping in our listing very soon.

Warm Regards,
BON2 Studios

TuTu's Goodies

It's pretty insane to see my products next to big brands in fashion videos. And it was easy to publish to their platform! This is definitely how all videos could be in the future. Wow!
I would say the only thing about running campaigns is that I have to put some time into the keywords that describe my whole store. But once i got into the groove, it was almost like any other ad platform.


The future of marketing for me! I can't believe I can advertise my products and be seen next to the top celebrities, actors, and athletes in the world. I would typically have to pay tons of dollars to get that exposure, but not with BON2tv.



Thanks! We are definitely trying our best to bring forward more resources to merchants like yourself where brand visibility isn't always accessible.