Bonanza Integration

Bonanza Integration

von CedCommerce

Sell on Bonanza, list your products and manage orders.

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No Juggling & Manual Work

Make your Shopify store the nodal point and manage hassle-free inventory, order & shipment as it automates all the sales operations.

Multilateral 24*7 support

A dedicated account manager will assist you with onboarding process. He also offers unlimited expert training on preferred support medium.

Save Time & Money

The app saves your time and money by effectively managing listings and updates in real-time. Moreover, it lessens manual efforts.

Über Bonanza Integration


  • More visibility of Shopify or Shopify Plus products.
  • Bonanza Marketplace doesn't charge you anything until you get any sales on it.
  • Your product listing is transferred to Google and Bing Shopping automatically. You don't need any advertisements.

♠ Why Bonanza Marketplace?

Bonanza has been a seller-centric marketplace. Although most marketplaces focus exclusively on promoting their own brand to buyers, Bonanza is a platform that allows sellers to make sales and build a brand by developing relationships with their customers.

♠ What is the Bonanza Shopify Integration App?

This integration app enables Shopify (or Shopify Plus) store sellers to offer their products at, A seller-centric marketplace. Using this app, you can easily manage inventory, order, and shipment at Bonanza from your Shopify (or Shopify Plus) store itself.

♠ Why Bonanza Marketplace Integration App?

Bulk Products Upload –

  • The catalog transfer is a massive task as merchants have inventory levels in hundreds of thousands. However, bulk transfer ensures their transfer to the Bonanza marketplace in a single click. As a result, it is a hassle-free experience.

Additional Attributes from Meta-field –

  • Every marketplace provides some additional attributes corresponding to each category. If you give those attributes on the Shopify meta-field, it will get reflected in the Bonanza Marketplace.

Profile Management -

  • The seller can send custom Product inventory and price to Bonanza, thus thriving a better control on Bonanza listing and preventing overselling of products

Manage Orders

  • The app auto accepts the orders & imports them to your Shopify store. As a result, the shipment label is created, and the fulfillment process is initiated The orders completion status is updated on both platforms.

Synchronization and Notification -

  • To maintain consistency across all the platforms, the app synchronizes all the information. It provides instant notification for all the updates.

Recurring updates -

  • Updates released by Bonanza are focused on delivering a seamless selling experience. These are FREE of cost.

Bonanza Constraints

  • Unique Products Title and title length should be less than 80 characters
  • Maximum two variant options supported.

♠ USP of CedCommerce Bonanza Shopify Integration App

  • An Account success manager is personally aligned with you instantly post-purchase
  • His responsibilities include making you familiar with app processes & onboarding process
  • Assist in the profiling section and product upload process till your products successfully get ACTIVATED on Bonanza.

♠ Why Choose CedCommerce?

  • Your SUPPORT is our STRENGTH & it is complemented by PRICE.

Integriert mit

  • Bonanza,
  • Shipstation,
  • Shipwire,
  • Shipwork



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Billed at $90 for 3 months

  • Upload Up to 1000 Products
  • Manage Up to 500 Orders
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Bulk Uploading
  • Inventory & Price Management
  • Quick Assistance



Billed at $120 for 3 months

  • Upload Up to 2500 Products
  • Manage Up to 1000 Orders
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Bulk Uploading
  • Inventory & Price Management
  • Technical Assistance



Billed at $150 for 3 months

  • Upload Up to 5000 Products
  • Manage Up to 3000 Orders
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Bulk Uploading
  • Inventory & Price Management
  • Personal Account Manager



oder $34.92/Monat abgerechnet zu $419 einmal pro Jahr

Billed at $180 for 3 months

  • Upload Up to 10000 Product
  • Manage Unlimited Orders
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Bulk Uploading
  • Inventory & Price Management
  • Personal Account Manager

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4.8 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

Horizon Warehouse Sale

I have detailed questions that need patience, effort, and help from the support team member assigned, to link and fetch the products from Shopify to Bonanza. Whenever I flagged an issue I'm facing to the support team they always work with me to resolve it and a lot of times work it themselves to make sure the job is done. Very satisfying positive interaction and it is very motivating to always reach them. Especial thanks to Jason Roy-BDA for all the time and efforts he put to resolve issues.


I must say that this was a challenge setting up. But with the help with this guy, he made it look so easy and kept me wanting to learn more. It's a good thing when you have agents who really try to help us out compared to those who just like sending link. We all learn in different ways. This is the type of agent that I'm always looking for on these platforms. Keep up the good work my friend.

Northwest Liquidations

I contacted support today and I was helped right way, with the issue I was having, it wasn't with the program, it was something I didn't do myself. Support helped me out and got things all taken care of. Great group of people to work with