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8. Dezember 2023

If it were not for the amazing customer service, this app would be pretty difficult to navigate as a first time user. D'Angelo was super helpful and solved my issue in less than 5 minutes. I do wish the app was a little more user friendly though.

The Skin Clear Studio
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10 tage mit der App
BTA Commerce, Inc. hat geantwortet 15. Januar 2024

Thank you for your great review! We appreciate your feedback and have taken it into account. We are definitely working on making the app more user-friendly, and hope to roll out the change soon! In the meantime, we're here to help you with setting up and with any issues/queries that you might have!

18. Juli 2023

Had a bit of an issue with the app's functions, BUT the support team was efficient in addressing any problem I had! Friendly, quick, and able to not only fix my issue but also guide me in better understanding the app to avoid any future confusion.

That said, my issue was a bit more in-depth than what I normally work with in the app. From creating appointments, to searching past customers, to customizing the schedule for more specific days is so convenient to control from the same app. This calendar is by far my preferred app to any other method I've used in my seven years of admin work.

Vista Ridge Driving School
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Fast 3 jahre mit der App
BTA Commerce, Inc. hat geantwortet 21. Juli 2023

Thanks for your feedback! We appreciate you taking the time to writing this for us 🙂.

5. Juli 2023

Works great, doesn't seem to integrate with Point of sale app so we have to manually add bookings to the calender, which might lead to a double booking.

Coconut Express
Fast 8 jahre mit der App
BTA Commerce, Inc. hat geantwortet 21. Juli 2023

Hi there,

Thanks for your review! We greatly appreciate your feedback!

Our app does have a Shopify POS integration, which allows you to make your bookings. However the integration doesn't facilitate updates to product or other app settings.

This article can be used as a guide to setup the POS integration ( If you need any assistance with the setup, feel free to reach out to us 🙂!

Kind Regards,
BookThatApp Support

26. Juli 2023

The app is a little tricky to configure, but Zetya support team is fast to respond and very helpful.

Buck Brook Alpacas
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Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
BTA Commerce, Inc. hat geantwortet 6. September 2023

Thank you for your feedback Buck. We greatly appreciate it!

10. Juli 2018

Good App for our store but loading problems are regular. the calendar keeps buffering at times and causes problems to process

Fast 9 jahre mit der App
20. Juni 2017

A very useful and straightforward app that has all the functionality we need to manage hires and bookings

Never Twice
Mehr als 7 jahre mit der App
2. Juli 2018

We rely on this a great app to book events, classes,appointments...pretty much anything for our retail store.

Easy to customize and schedule anything.

Even though the interface is very intuitive, if I am ever in a jam and can't figure something out, they reply very quickly.

Amuse Toys
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Fast 6 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 30. Oktober 2016

It has a lot to offer, and they are very helpful. My only concerns are when I can't access it as the site is down (seems to be more frequent lately), and I still get the occasional double booking on the site (which they can't seem to re-create/fix), this is infrequent however. When it works it is great. I would appreciate a number that could be called instead of always emailing when there is something I need help with.

Glaze Craze
Fast 6 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 19. April 2016

I changed mails with suport team about some technicals problems trying to installed this app on my site. they was very kind to my questions and comments. at the end everything went well and the application works as i need.

Vereinigte Staaten
Fast 6 jahre mit der App
26. September 2018

Nice app for booking classes in (for us) swim, bike, run and yoga. And nice support to get these bookable times to load faster.

Team Snabbare
Etwa 5 jahre mit der App