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13 settembre 2022

I used this app for classes and courses booking. However the performance of the app is so slow. Page loading is very slow and takes minutes before a complete a page is loaded. Have reported this but we were repeatedly told it due to some kind of network issue on our side. But, we have no issue loading any other apps or pages.

Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Oltre un anno
Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 13 settembre 2022

Hi Zontiga

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

Shopify sets performance standards for apps and all apps need to meet these standards to be listed on the app store. BookThatApp exceeds these standards so we're sorry to hear of your store's performance issues.

Please reach out to us and raise a support ticket if you would like us to investigate your specific store. We're seeing reasonable response times when we test your specific store ( and note that there are third party javascripts that are slowing your site down. This was also identified to you in previous support tickets.

We find that reaching out to an app partner for support as opposed to writing a negative review leads to better outcomes for all parties.

The Support Team at Zetya

9 gennaio 2022

Bookthatapp. Is very hard to set, the system for settings is not easy, and you need a expert to do it, bookthatapp support is good, but a lot of the support don´t know anything about the app. Error 400 is a big issue for this app, i have try to get help from that problem in 45 dags, but i giv up. Peter

Lady Roots Ilha Grande
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 3 mesi
Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 9 gennaio 2022

Dear Peter Nilsson of Lady Roots Ilha Grand,

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. Unfortunately this review is not accurate.

BookThatApp installs with 1 click and can certainly be installed and configured by a merchant without any expert help.

The 400 error in question was related to the Shopify checkout and not our app. We advised you of this several weeks ago and suggested rolling back your theme's cart changes, which had been significantly modified by a third party developer.

We know the app works well with an unmodified version of the Debut theme and doesn't return any errors. If you want to upload an unmodified version of the Debut theme, we'll be happy to demonstrate this for you.

We stand by the quality of our app and our support.

The Support Team @ Zetya

2 settembre 2021

As soon as you install this app, it will show your products as 'no availability' on your calender. So expect a nosedive in sales. The only way to change this is to uninstall immediately. Customer service can only assist if the app is installed, so you are left playing a game of catch 22 with customer service. Oh, and to add to the misery, customer service only respond via email, so you can't solve the issues in real time. Back and forth, cat and mouse. So stupid.

Coconut Express
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa 6 anni
Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 2 settembre 2021

Hi Martyn Lewis from Coconut Express!

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. However this review is malicious and without merit.

- When installed correctly, the app does not cause “a nosedive in sales”. Your product was configured incorrectly, hence the "no availability message. In prior tickets we also advised you how to install the app and test it without it being live on your product page.
- At various points in your interactions with us you stated that “your app sucks”, called the app “DUMB” and “a 1 star app”. Despite this, we remained polite and professional and were actually in the middle of fixing the issue when you wrote this review.
- Our support team is available by both chat and email and your tickets were answered within minutes.

Your online reputation precedes you, leaving this review even less credible.

The Support Team @ Zetya

3 luglio 2020

I used this app for my online cooking classes that I’m doing now because of COVID. I’m based in Italy with majority of clients in the US
-their app doesn’t have Zoom integration
-their calendar can’t adapt to the time zone of the person booking the class
-requires a paid installation for the regular person that isn’t comfortable with coding
I’m not using Sesami which is able to offer all of the above that their app doesn’t do, and at a similar price. It’s also aesthetically easier from the perspective of the client booking the class, as well as easier

The reason for the one star is that yes they answer messages when you reach out for help but when they do so are condescending. Their installation produced errors in the Narrative theme I just switched to and they said the errors were due to my changes. To give them the benefit of the doubt, I took the time to install a fresh version of the Narrative theme that was untouched, they installed their app and there were errors in my product pages immediately after their app installation. They claimed it was due to the theme, not their fault and were of course condescending/not very nice or client centric. During these times a lot of us our using Shopify to be able to grow or simply stay afloat to survive with the very little business we are getting. We aren’t programmers and rely on the tech people at these apps to help get our business done. This app should be more understanding of that, and I’d say don’t have the best customer service. I’d advise trying other booking apps before committing to them, and so far I’d say my experience with Sesami has been dramatically different in a positive way.

Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 3 mesi
Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 3 luglio 2020


Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Unfortunately your review is not accurate

- The app supports Zoom integration

- The app provides an ICS file that translates the time of the booking into the local timezone of the customer

- The app comes with a suite of widgets to support Classes, Courses, Appointments and Product rentals that can be added with one click (no coding required). Alternatively we also offer an embedded version of the app which can be useful if you want to do more advanced customisation.

We install on the Narrative theme several times per week and there are no known issues with this theme.

We understand that you aren’t technical and we tried to provide you a lay person’s explanation of why testing in the Shopify preview page isn’t appropriate.

After providing several hours of support to you including installing and reinstalling the app several times, we decided to move on.

Your response was to call us “idiots” and write a 1 star review with false information. This seems to justify our decision.

The Support Team @ Zetya

13 marzo 2020

Every time updates are pushed to the app availability for clients becomes unavailable, which means sales lost.

Apex V2R
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa 4 anni
Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 13 marzo 2020

Thanks for leaving a review. Unfortunately it is not accurate.

After reviewing your store I determined the issue is that you did not configure your products properly. As a result they are not showing availability in your store. I replied to your support ticket with detailed instructions on how to correct your product configuration.

-The Team @ Zetya Support

20 dicembre 2019

Very bad and poor support, they are not helpful at all, just ask you to pay for everything !!!

Even if you pay the $25 they ask for installation they do the strict minimum, you have to do almost everything by yourself.

If you're not a English native language, welcome !

Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 3 mesi
Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 20 dicembre 2019

Hi My Little Travel

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

We reviewed your ticket history and it looks as though we quoted you on customising your store to use two different types of booking forms. Similar to most app developers we charge for custom work.

While we would love to be able to do custom work for free, this is not a commercial reality. We stand by the service provided to you and feel this review does not accurately describe the support we provided.

The Support Team @ Zetya

17 novembre 2019

Very complicated and unfriendly interface.
Too hard to set up .
Disappointed. Not recommend at all. If you look for simplicity, try to do it in another place.

Kors Tire Inc
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa 3 ore
Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 17 novembre 2019

Hi Kors Tire

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

We are sorry that you found the app difficult to set up. Booking software can be complicated due to the complex nature of booking scenarios and there is often a learning curve. Our friendly support team is available 24x7 to help get you up and running quickly so please feel free to reach out to them at if you need assistance.

The Support Team @ Zetya

Data modifica: 13 aprile 2019

App full of bugs!!!! We spent DAY trying to configure this. Terrible support. One of the worst I have every seen. They do not understand what customer service means!

Butterflies Massage
Stati Uniti
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 3 mesi
Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 24 aprile 2019

Dear Shop Owner

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We do however dispute this review as being inaccurate. Our app is neither full of bugs nor do we have terrible support.

You hired a third party developer to add our app to a custom theme. The developer initially did not install nor configure the app correctly which we helped fix. You were then dissatisfied with the way the form rendered on your particular theme and you contacted us for a quote with customisation. We advised you of the fee for the customisation and asked you for specifics of what you want changed. For whatever reason that made you angry, and you replied with "I'll just do it myself" and left us a one star review.

We don't get it but we stand behind our service and our product.

The Support Team @ Zetya

Data modifica: 22 gennaio 2019

I don't even know where to start...

We have been using this app for 3 years, and it has been nothing but trouble. The first, and most pervasive problem we have been having with this app is overbooking. It has never honored the capacity that we set. We went over this with customer support for a couple years and the problem was never fixed. When the new "widget" came out, we were told it would solve our problems...

Customer support installed the widget, but they did not check their work. The number of tours changed from 2 a day to 3 a day, and at the wrong times. We came in the next day and there were 180 people overbooked for the morning tour. 180 people.

This might sound great for business, but we had to explain to an angry group, of just south of 200 people, that we could not accommodate all of them due to fire code occupancy regulations. It was a day from hell.

Customer service stepped in and made a much bigger effort (finally) to fix this problem. They did, but we now have a problem where reservations are dublicated, bringing down the total count, and losing us money.

I'm starting to think that this software is poorly written, where one problem begets another. Customer service has been very defensive when we point our issues (red flag), and it is obvious through email, that English is not their first language.

Stay away from this app. We have been spending a lot of time trying to switch to a new booking system but we feel very stuck. Run away.

Edit: I received this email from the developer a few hours after this review:

"Per our terms of service, we do not permit hostile stores to use our App. At this time I would like to notify you that access to BookThatApp will be removed in 24 hours (2019-01-23 15:15:59 +0000 UTC). At that time we will email you a csv file containing your upcoming bookings.

Sorry we were not able to work it out, and good luck with your store.

Thanks, Gavin."

It seems that they retaliate after bad reviews!

Kanaloa Octopus Farm
Stati Uniti
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa 3 anni
Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 22 marzo 2019

Dear Shop Owner

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!

We reviewed your ticket history and the first issue was due to you setting an incorrect time zone in your Shopify store when you set up your shop. The second issue was a bug which we promptly resolved.

We are based in Australia so we can assure you we speak English like a native :)

Your shop was suspended due to violations of our Terms of Service. This is not a step we take lightly or often. We wish you the best of luck with your shop in the future.

The Support Team at Zetya

Data modifica: 27 luglio 2018

A lot of coding involved, poor customer service and support. I was treated like an idiot and quite frankly didn't feel as though they wanted to help me even though I was a paying customer. My website is still down due to their poor support. Please cancel my subscription immediately.

Urban Walkies
Nuova Zelanda
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 18 giorni
Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 22 marzo 2019

Dear Shop Owner

Thanks for taking time to leave a review!

We are sorry that you felt our support was not up to your standards. We reviewed your ticket history and see that apparently hired or had someone else install the app which was done incorrectly which broke your site and delayed your launch.

We answered your tickets in a timely manner and tried our best to direct you to our support documentation regarding your theme. These instructions provided step by step instructions on how to install the app into your theme.

There is nothing that we can see that indicates poor customer service hence we are very surprised at your review.

Nonetheless we wish you much success with your shop!

The Support Team at Zetya