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19 maart 2023

Have just installed the app and Mariadel have been a great help! Am trying to navigate and it seems simple to use, but looking forward to more features soon!

Beauty Palettes
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Channelwill heeft geantwoord 19 maart 2023

Hi Doreen,

Thank you for taking the time to write your feedback! We greatly appreciate the initiative to complete our survey. It's an honor for us to provide excellent service to you, and it's evident that we fell short of your expectations. Your response demonstrates that we have room for growth and can do better. 😊 If you could tell us what we could do effectively and improve your experience, that would be fantastic. We are excited to hear what you have to share.

You can follow our community to get our app roadmap 👉 Should you need any other support, please do not hesitate to contact us on Live Chat.💖

Best Regards,
Mariadel | Loloyal Team

2 maart 2023

A bit slow at the start. I figured out that I needed to upgrade and then the help was dealt with quickly

Strummer Room Records
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Channelwill heeft geantwoord 3 maart 2023

Hello Strummer Room Records,

Thank you fro your feedback, we appreciate your concern being raised to our team, we know that we have a room to improve and we do understand your concern. We hope that we can help you to make your experience more better.

One of our team reach you out for further help you needed and we are looking forward for your response.

Best Regards,

5 februari 2023

i think app is good , i would definitely recommend but needs more features which i have messaged the agent

Battle Supreme
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Channelwill heeft geantwoord 5 februari 2023

Thank you for providing us with your feedback. We are deeply sorry if our service did not meet your expectations. Please know that we would be happy to arrange a conversation with you and our team to discuss your feedback, you may check your email and we are looking forward for your response. We are interested in hearing your opinions and suggestions.

25 januari 2023

Der Support ist super, die App ebenfalls - bisher nix gefunden was nicht funktioniert. Ich bin gespannt was die App einmal kosten wird, weil umsonst wird die wohl nicht bleie. Leider bekommt man dazu, trotz nachfrage, keine Antwort - daher 1 Stern weniger
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Channelwill heeft geantwoord 27 januari 2023

Vielen Dank für die wunderbare Bewertung und dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, Ihr Feedback zu teilen. Unsere Priorität ist der Kundenservice und wir verbessern unsere Dienstleistungen ständig. Wir wissen Ihre Geduld mit uns zu schätzen. Bitte zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren, wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben.


19 januari 2023

Great service, customer care quick to response in a friendly manner. The app is fairly easy to use and have great functions to attract and keep your customers.

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Channelwill heeft geantwoord 22 januari 2023

We appreciate your kind words and the time you took to provide feedback. Customer service is our first priority, thus we are delighted that we fulfilled it! Your business makes our job rewarding. I sincerely appreciate it.

7 januari 2023

le service client est parfect, les reponces simples et rapides! l'apllication je dois ancor la tester mais elle a l'aire de être tés bien!

Libellula Collection
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Channelwill heeft geantwoord 7 januari 2023

Nous apprécions vos aimables paroles et le temps que vous avez pris pour nous faire part de vos commentaires. Le service client est notre première priorité, nous sommes donc ravis de l'avoir rempli ! Votre entreprise rend notre travail gratifiant. Je l'apprécie sincèrement.

20 december 2022

pretty decent so far. No major complaints - it's a little weird that a lot of the program is "Locked" and you need to contact support to get it unlocked, despite it not being a paid model yet, but it is what it is I guess.

Pheonixfera's Cards
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Channelwill heeft geantwoord 20 december 2022

Thanks so much for leaving a review! We appreciate it. As we are a new app, we hope to hear more user's voices through the unlock function to help us improve our app better.

8 december 2022

Just Added the app to the store. As of no it is good, working nicely. Also the customer service was good

Kerala Shopi
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Channelwill heeft geantwoord 9 december 2022

Thank you for your feedback! Hope you have explored more the app and if there are any questions feel free to contact us anytime. 🤗

28 november 2022

Still testing the APP. But so far APP is super easy to use and support is also helpful. Some minor things in term of customisability needs to improve for our needs though (font type, etc.)

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Channelwill heeft geantwoord 29 november 2022


Thank you for your time to leaving us a review. Ease of use is what we've been working on, and customer service is what we've been working on as well.
In addition, regarding the feedback about font, we will continue to develop in the near future. If you are interested, you can follow our community to get our app roadmap 👉

Should you need any other support, please do not hesitate to contact us on Live Chat.💖

Best Regards,
Catherine | Loloyal Team

5 november 2022

I started using this app and I find it very easy to use. Customers service is very reactive and helpful.

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