Smart shopping assistants and super-powered gift finders

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Increase engagement

Users are guided through psychology-based questions to establish their specific situation, likes and dislikes all whilst remaining anonymous

Personalisation that converts

Ground-breaking AI and powerful filtering pick out great products for any shopper or gift recipient, increasing conversions and AOV

Up-to-date, accurate insights

Aggregated responses and recommendation feedback provide actionable insights from up-to-date, zero-party data, informing future campaigns


Engaging experiences that inspire and convert shoppers

BOON allows you to offer your customers a personalised shopping assistant and industry-leading product recommendations.

Use the technology to create any kind of shopping quiz including:

  • Smart shopping assistant

    Help your customers discover compelling product for their specific situation from your catalogue

  • Super-powered gift finder

    Offer an industry-leading smart gift finder to help gift buyers avoid frustration and find the perfect gift for any recipient


  • Increase engagement, conversions and order value

    BOON's use of psychology research in their question design creates an interesting, engaging experience that dramatically increases conversion rates and average order value (AOV).

  • Get accurate, up-to-date insights from aggregated data

    BOON aggregates and analyses user-responses and recommendation feedback to generate actionable, valuable insights into customer demographics and desires that can help inform your future campaigns

  • Privacy-focussed personalisation through a unique experience

    Unlike conventional recommendation systems, BOON does not rely on each user's data from previous sessions to personalise to them. Shoppers control the data they provide through the quiz

The experience & technology

Do you want to help your shoppers discover the best products for them from your catalogue? Or make sure gift recipients love their presents? Then BOON is right for you.

BOON uses psychology research to design assistant quizzes that establish each user's unique situation, likes and dislikes. Shoppers are taken through a branching set of questions, many of which use images to build an accurate and complex profile of the user.

Once the user completes the questions, BOON's powerful filtering and state-of-the-art AI searches through your catalogue to pick out highly relevant recommendations for that specific customer. No more overwhelming them with endless product listings!

Users can replace, rate and interact with their recommendations or view a details page to continue their journey as normal. All of this anonymous feedback trains the AI, improving recommendations for future users.

Sign-up process

  • Installing the app will place a link to the BOON Console on your Shopify dashboard
  • Use the Console to customise the look, feel and content of the experience, as well as view usage statistics
  • Integration instructions will be available to guide you through setting the experience up on your website as a seamless part of your site (two methods are available, inline or modal, to give you the best experience)

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Installazione gratuita

$5 per 100 user sessions. Negotiable setup fee.

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