Boost Conversions Bar

Boost Conversions Bar

AKB Enterprise, LLC

Sticky Call To Action to Increase Checkouts

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Increase sales conversions by skipping the cart page and pushing the customer directly to checkout. Reduce the steps to complete a purchase.


Increasing the visibility of your Add-To-Cart & Checkout Button to have more customers clicking through to buy.


The call to action always in view allows the customer to easily navigate your site. Improving the experience and their satisfaction

Boost Conversions Bar 정보

What is Boost Conversions Bar?

Boost Conversions Bar is displays an add-to-cart or "buy" button on your product pages. No matter how far down the page they scroll, your customers will be offered the opportunity to make a purchase. This helps increase conversions and sales.

“BOOST” Your Stores Conversions

Having the buy button or the call-to-action always in sight is increase conversions on the page. This helps increase the chances of making a sale and leads more potential customers to making a decision. Having the option to PUSH DIRECTLY TO CHECKOUT reduces a step and leads to more customers completing purchases.

Simple One-Click Install & Set Up

Boost Conversions Bar is extremely easy to set up. Simple add it to your store, and let the the app do the heavy lifting (make more money for you, the store owner).

Fully Customizable For Your Brand

Boost Conversions Bar is extremely simple to replicate your brand style. Change the colors, fonts, button, and layout in real time. Match your store’s theme and provide a great user experience.

Looks Great On All Devices (Built For Mobile)

Having your store look good on mobile is extremely important, that’s why we built this to look great on any browser and device. Whether your customers are shopping on desktop, mobile, or tablet they will have a great experience.

Analytics & Reporting

Track your analytics and how your app is performing. See your visitors, button clicks, purchases, revenue, & more generated from the Boost Conversions Bar. Optimize your store based on this feedback and performance.

Free to Try

Try Boost Conversions Bar free for 14 days. By the time the trial is over, you should have made enough to pay for the app the rest of the year.

Premium Customer Support

Boost Apps team is always available to help out if you need a hand. We want to make this the most enjoyable process for you and want to see you succeed with our apps.

NEW Features Constantly Released

Boost Apps is always improving, and we take our customer feedback to make it better. We’re always working on ways to make our apps better, more user friendly, and to improve your store’s performance.

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The Global Bird

Very useful and FREE app!
I just have a few questions:
1) No support team? The email provided in the app is unreachable...
2) Is it possible to reduce the size of the button on mobile devices?

Keep up the good work!


Just installed this bar in my store. Installation was seamless and the bar looks and works great, I know it will help increase conversions in my store, Thanks


Amazing app. Just followed the video and it was ready to go. Already seeing an increase in checkout instead of cart then checkout.