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20 de noviembre de 2021

This app is way too expensive. There are other apps that have come into the marketplace that will do the same for much less or free. We used them for a while and came to to revisit the available apps and wow we are getting ripped off!

APEX Tool & Supply
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Más de 1 año
Booster SEO respondió 25 de noviembre de 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for your candid feedback and we appreciate you being a user of our app! Regarding your concerns about our pricing, I've relayed this back to our team – definitely good to know your perspective and we really appreciate your feedback. I did want to let you know we have multiple plans to fit every budget, and a generous free plan which you can use for free, forever.

With the robust SEO features we do offer on our paid plans, the pricing we have is set very competitively in relation to other apps out there with comparable features. SEO & Image Optimizer helps save thousands of dollars and countless hours by boosting your On-Page SEO (Technical SEO optimizations). Being one of the most popular SEO apps on the app store, our merchants tend to agree.

I've reached out over email to address some of your concerns and help find a path forward. Looking forward to chatting soon!


Fecha de modificación: 1 de noviembre de 2021

Used it for a while, did not do anything for my seo and did not work properly, it's very expensive app, not worth a penny in my opinion.

Kwiketo Snack Box
Reino Unido
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 21 días
Booster SEO respondió 1 de noviembre de 2021

Thank you for your feedback Kwiketo team. I understand that you have concerns about the effects of our app on your site, as well as the price. I would love to have you re-install so that we can look into this and address those issues. SEO is definitely a long game, and although it's hard for stores to see instant results, it's something that takes time to work at over time.

I've reached out over email to see if we can help recommend some best practices and some help.


Fecha de modificación: 29 de octubre de 2021

Worst app ever. Had some good selling going on. Installed it to grow bigger. After installing and following the instructions my web page got 60%less customers. Deleting the app won't work, my webshop is ruined.

Países Bajos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Alrededor de 4 horas
Booster SEO respondió 29 de octubre de 2021

We're sorry to hear about your experience! It looks like you had the app installed for less than a day, which doesn't seem like enough time for such a big change....good or bad. There may be something else going on, and a team member is reaching out to see if you'd like an expert to review your store's setup.

Fecha de modificación: 9 de noviembre de 2021

UPDATE!!! As the team was so nice and kind, I decided to give it another go. Also, with do many positive reviews on here, I thought maybe the first time something went wrong WORST DECISION EVER. Installing the app has NUKED my organic reach - even Google does not understand it . i spoke with them, this app may have actually a NEGATIVE impact on your google search results LOL... Additionally, I reached out to SEO Optimisation Support and NO ONE has come back to me to explain what’s going on. A whole day of no traffic to my website, and a customer service that does not respond. It’s been 8 hours. Hence I’m leaving this review as I’m sure I’ll now receive a message….? I hope Please do not make the same mistake as I did (twice) and avoid at all cost. Terrible - after installing this app I’ve lost EVERY organic reach coming from Google. Products didn’t show up anymore in google and I’m now going into Christmas season with a destroyed website due to this app. They did offer me a full refund though, clearly indicating they know that something in their code messed up my entire website. I will rebuilding it from scratch now myself with google analytics and other free google resources, hoping I can salvage things! AVOID!

Lunar James
Reino Unido
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Más de 1 año
Booster SEO respondió 27 de septiembre de 2021

Update: November 9th 2021

Hi Lunar James team,

After talking with our developers, we have never seen our app affecting Google Ads or any other Google services besides Google Search, so it is puzzling to hear that you've been having these issues. Our sincerest apologies. What could be occurring is another SEO app conflicting, which can cause can cause issues with Google.

Felipe, our technical support manager, has reached out to remove our code from your theme.

Regarding our support times, we're genuinely very sorry for the delay there! We aim to respond within 2 hours, but I see it took us a bit longer to respond to your question.

Please let me know if there's anything we can do for you going forward! Happy to jump on a zoom call to help resolve if that's easier. Feel free to reach out anytime to


------------------------ Previous response ------------------------

Hi Lunar James team,

Thank you so much for your feedback and I'm so sorry about the issues that happened on your store.

Laurence, one of our Senior Support Engineers, has reached out to request collaborator access and recorded a video of the solution. Please let us know how everything went with Shopify on the Google Shopping piece.

Feel free to reach out 24/7 at with any questions :).


Fecha de modificación: 14 de junio de 2021

I downloaded this app two days ago. I chose the largest/highest cost plan and implemented it. Everything was going fine until I looked at the app this morning and it was trying to charge me for two plans- the middle and the highest cost. I declined because I am not going to pay twice. I do, however, like the app. I hate wasting creative time for constant updating and Google and and and. SO I deleted the app with plans of re-downloading it so I can choose the plan I want. Unfortunately, I was presented with no way to decline only the middle plan. It was pay for two plans or decline two plans. Now, the app won't re-download - period. The url screams at me that I DECLINED the payment - YES - of two plans. If this is fixable, I'm interested. (Please add a way to contact you that isn't a rating. Seems rather curious to me.)

Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 22 días
Booster SEO respondió 16 de junio de 2021

Hi there,

James here from the Booster Apps Merchant Success team. Thank you for your feedback and I'm so sorry for the billing mixup and the trouble with getting in touch with us.

Just to add some color to this issue, it sounds like a hiccup occured in the Shopify app billing where the charge was 'stuck' and appeared as though there were two charges when there was only one. Usually this resolves itself within 48 hours when your account status is updated on Shopify’s end.

We've sent you an email update to continue the conversation and get to the bottom of this problem for you.

And please feel free to contact us 24/7 at or through the in app contact form :).


Update July 28, 2021:

It looks like a problem occurred when trying to access the app after declining a subscription or after choosing to upgrade or start a free trial. Sometimes hiccups like this occur when the system fails to update a store’s status. The issue is now resolved, and our team is happy to help with anything related to configuration or setup with the SEO app. We've sent you an email regarding this and hope to hear back from you very soon!

20 de mayo de 2021

DO NOT BLINDLY RUN THIS APP IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH SEO! So many elements of the website are now broken and overridden. It's basically like building the site from scratch again in terms of linking, descriptions, etc. — Site Developer

Minor Decliner - Age Verification Systems
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 9 días
Booster SEO respondió 20 de mayo de 2021

Hey Rob/Site Developer, we're sorry to hear you're having issues with the app. We've looked into this and couldn't find any outstanding bugs or tickets so our team has reached out to offer assistance asap!

6 de mayo de 2021

Initially looked great, easy one-click solution. After adding, my indexable pages dropped from around 10 pages in Google to 3. I removed the app. Guess which pages lost title and meta description, cutting organic trapping to a fifth? All of them. Absolutely nuked my organic traffic. Had to restore a (LUCK!) backup of my previous theme.liquid file. Honestly, kinda garbage. God knows how many thousands lost.

German Performance
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 4 días
Fecha de modificación: 4 de enero de 2023

I GIVE 1 star because

I get a offer for 21$ lifetime pro month and 21 days trial accepted it i still in the free plan and of course i spoke with the service and thy said this was a small problem that will be soon resolved i said ok is december but i can wait

after 5 days i asked again and they said you have to wait more days and my trial was going this made me mad but they said they will give me the 21 days back

so after 10 days i asked if now the probllem is resolved and they said i have to wait and they are working really hard for it

after 2 weeks i was upset and said this is taking to long and everytime you say i have to wait so after 21 days and after the trial was gone and the PROBLEM still they charged me 31$ and i was DISPLAYED as FREE PLAN

i spoked really angry and they said i have to disinstall the app and they will refund me and i did now they are saying i have to wait

but i am not stupid i go to my lawyer and contact shopify and the bank to not give them the money

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 9 meses
Booster SEO respondió 2 de abril de 2021

Your kind words mean the world to us! Thank you so much for the positive feedback and 5-star review! 🤩 All the best, Katherine

27 de febrero de 2021

Had to remove it seems to work at first but turns into a ghost app and the last 5 months all my alts have been ruined , so just cancelled and hopefully they will cancel the re-occurring charge. Guys you need to fix this App!

Pharaoh London Cosmetics UK Ltd
Reino Unido
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 9 meses
2 de febrero de 2021

WOW I just look into my shopify Billing and guy been charging my account since September 2019 ! That is outrageous. This is super unprofessional to charge fees on apps that been uninstalled for YEAR! I will escalade this to shopify. You guy owe us 425$. Please act quickly. I don’t wanna to see any of you apps fees on my billing EVER again!

Bijoux Medusa
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Alrededor de 1 mes