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Editado a 29 de janeiro de 2019

The facebook messanger hero does not work. Not sure how effective it is as I am still getting errors about images and alt text from another app. Do not find it is doing the optimizing of images as described.

Hopkins Barn
Estados Unidos
5 days usando a aplicação
20 de março de 2019


3 days usando a aplicação
8 de maio de 2019

Everything seems smooth at first sight and that might be the reason for them begging the rating just after installing the app. Developing SEO is not a quick and easy app installation it takes time to see the results. No one from the support is replying to requests. Im so pissed to my self for investing time to this app.

Hoitola Kuulas
3 days usando a aplicação
6 de janeiro de 2019

it may be better if it allows a little use from directing to the commentary. Allow less time to use so that you get permanent

Einkaufen Welt
2 days usando a aplicação
29 de abril de 2020

Arrogant customer service. Technically, the app does do what it says. However, doing this will do more harm than good to your SEO. Do not use this app without 1st doing some research and understanding what exactly are the consequences of doing this.
Due to the arrogance of the costumer service support, I strongly recommend against this app.

Paws and Whiskers
Reino Unido
2 days usando a aplicação
1 de abril de 2021

Seo score dropped despite the app saying it was better, I'm sure it does save you some money but invest some of your own time and save even more!

Reino Unido
About 4 hours usando a aplicação
Editado a 7 de julho de 2019

I have read the reviews and I was excited to have a program that would be able to help me with my SEO. However, after letting it run this program did not bring my sore up but instead, it lowered it! If I was you I would suggest save your $20 and do not install this app.

Yzmas Exclusives
Estados Unidos
About 3 hours usando a aplicação
23 de setembro de 2022

I am first time user to the app and have not had enough time to provide an experienced review. However Trish from customer support was extremely helpful, a great introduction to using the app if this is the benchmark.

About 1 hour usando a aplicação
Editado a 11 de novembro de 2018

One of the worst apps that could ever existed!
It claims it does everything in 2 clicks, but in fact it broke many of my non-product images' alt texts.
I was hoping to be shown a verbose menu where I can choose for every picture to use Alt text, but instead it just added it itself without my confirmation.

Mobimax EU
25 minutes usando a aplicação
Editado a 11 de abril de 2019

Is very easy to install. Takes a few seconds to click and then it starts optimizing. Deleted after 2 minutes as couldn't do any functions without trying to make me sign up and spend money

Cutting Image
Reino Unido
8 minutes usando a aplicação