Beyond 别样

Beyond 别样

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Sell to China without expensive development or upfront fees

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Localization & Content

Fresh Chinese language content brings shoppers back daily to learn & buy. Beyond users spend 25 minutes / day browsing our content.

Payment & Logistics

China logistics include the 9.1% CBEC duty route. Alipay and WeChat pay enable sales to the 99% of China buyers who lack credit cards.

Bilingual Customer Service

We handle all customer inquiries, pre and post sale. There is no added burden to merchant’s customer service team but conversions increase.

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Sell to China without expensive development or upfront fees.

China is the world’s biggest e-commerce market, we enable your China business and make your first sale to China profitable.

The Beyond 别样 Shopify App makes it easy to reach millions of shoppers from China’s fast-emerging middle class. Eligible merchants can use the app to: * Acquire new incremental customers through our informative and viral content * Accept Chinese mobile payment that 99% of shoppers use for purchases * Deliver products from your primary warehouse to Chinese doorsteps * Custom clearance and resolution * Front line Chinese customer service to handle pre and post-sale questions

Beyond App is a leading cross-border marketplace for Chinese consumers to discover what’s worth buying from North America and Europe. Our 16 million users (and counting) spend an average of 25 minutes a day browsing our original content which consists of reviews, UGC, articles, and short videos. Our content is posted on Chinese social media as well with over 100 million unique viewers last year alone. To set up a storefront within our app, follow the steps below.

New to China?

No problem, we can help you understand the potential given your brand awareness, business category sales, and social media buzz. We’ll make recommendations on techniques to scale China sales both on and off the platform.

What’s the catch?

China consumer law is strict and we ask each merchant to provide a $1,000 deposit upon integration to fund customer complaint response. The deposit is refundable if not used.

We are considered the most merchant-friendly platform in China as we operate on a cost per sale basis with our partners. As we help you grow your business we’ll provide other opportunities to do co-marketing, influencer co-op advertising, and free-shipping promotions, but you’ll sell from day one through the simple app integration.

Preference is given to merchants in our 5 key categories: beauty, fashion, streetwear/sneakers, mom & baby, and health & wellness.

How does Beyond 别样 Shopify Sales Channel App work?

  1. Apply to the Beyond 别样 Shopify Sales Channel App on your Shopify store and connect account.
  2. You will be waitlisted as we review your application within 48 hours. Please contact for an update. Be sure to include "Shopify Application" in the subject line.
  3. Once approved, your products will be translated and synced to the Beyond App and added to our marketplace. Users will then be able to search for your product and our internal content team will be able to write about them.
  4. When a sale is placed on the app it will pass through to your Shopify store with a US shipping address and a US credit card for easy processing.


  • Alipay,
  • WeChat Pay,
  • WeChat Mini Program





Commission ranges 12-25%. After your store is approved one of our representatives will contact you to discuss options.

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Triple AAA Fashion Collection

Triple AAA Fashion Collection We downloaded this sales channel Tuesday 2021/02/23. According to the channel, it says up to 48 hours to be approved have not heard back from this place. May I know what is taking so long? Just A quick update on our review we did hear back from the Beyond team I spoke with Kelly via phone and we will have to wait to see if our store is a good fit for this sales channel. We would appreiate though to work long term for more sales increase.