Borzoii: AMP on Autopilot

Borzoii: AMP on Autopilot

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Effortless AMP, Boost site speed & conversion, Better SEO

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Better speed and conversion

Make your pages load instantly and increase store conversion.

Higher Ranking

Boost Google search results ranking and organic traffic.

Easy to Use

Effortless adoption of the AMP technology. Just install and the app will generate the AMP pages for you. No manual editing required.

Borzoii: AMP on Autopilot 정보

Boost sale by improving your store’s loading time on mobile devices

AMP is a new web technology originally developed by Google to improve the load speed of mobile websites. Google can cache websites built in AMP and cached AMP pages load instantaneously. Borzoii brings the magic of the AMP technology to Shopify store owners in an easy to use app.

Enable AMP without the manual work on your part

Borzoii is the only Shopify app that automagically configures an AMP version of your store without any manual setup, keeps the AMP version updated whenever you make theme changes to your store, and makes sure Google correctly indexes the AMP version. While other apps not only require extensive manual configuration of your AMP site initially but also manual edits whenever you edit your store’s theme, Borzoii’s advanced technology allows you to run your AMP site on autopilot. Edit your theme and Borzoii will detect and incorporate the changes in your AMP site.

In summary, here are what Borzoii can do for you:

  • Automatically generate an AMP version of all your products, collections, blogs, blog posts, and pages. The AMP version follows the look and feel of the Debut theme.
  • Automatically generates an AMP version of your homepage if your store has the Debut theme.
  • Side by side comparison of Google PageSpeed Insights of AMP and Non-AMP pages.
  • Automatically submit the AMP version to Google for indexing and AMP caching so that your AMP pages will show up in Google search results and load instantaneously.
  • Keep your AMP pages in sync with your store. If you modify your store in the theme editor, Borzoii can detect and incorporate the changes to your AMP pages in 15 minutes. (Available for stores with the Debut theme. Support for other themes coming soon.)
  • Configure your AMP pages to use the Facebook Ad Pixel and Google Analytics tracking id that you set up for your store.

Why choose Borzoii?

  • Effortless adoption of the AMP without having to configure your store again in yet another theme editor.
  • Truly install-and-forget-it. Make changes to your store as you usually do and Borzoii keeps your AMP pages in sync.
  • High fidelity implementation of the Debut theme in AMP. Borzoii supports all the components of the Debut theme down to the pixels.
  • Dedication to your success. We are passionate about what we do. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Live chat support

Facebook messenger at


  • AMP,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Facebook Ad Pixel,
  • Google AMP

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  • 개인정보처리방침

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All Inclusive


  • Automated AMP
  • Products
  • Collections
  • Blogs
  • Pages
  • Homepage (Debut theme only)
  • Google index monitoring
  • Page speed comparison
  • Live chat support

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