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Bot Stop

Bot Stop

Developed by Digital Attic

3 reviews
Price: $5.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Stops bots from creating fake accounts in your system.
  • Spend more time marketing to real people, not deleting bots.
  • Easy to deploy for both new and existing Shopify users.

Finally! No more bot submissions through your registration system!

Easy one-click install and works with all Shopify themes.

Free 30-day trial!

Tired of getting tons of junk customer accounts?

Bot Stop is a simple to deploy tool for your registration form that eliminates fake customers! That’s right. We’ve found a way to stop those pesky bots that endlessly crawl the Web. Bot Stop blocks the bots so you can spend more time marketing to real customers and less time cleaning up your lists. You can run Bot Stop with confidence because it adds Google’s reCAPTCHA “I’m not a Robot” to your registration page.

Please note that this app requires a Google reCAPTCHA key to function.

Why isn’t the app free?

This is a paid app because Bot Stop handles all of the registration for your Shopify store, bot or not. This means it’ll be handling registration for both “real people” as well as kicking bot butt. You’ve heard the phrase “the price of success.” Well, here the perfect scenario for it. If your online store is a huge success, that potentially means more customers that need to be processed – and more bots that need to obliterated. Bot Stop servers have to be able to handle this load, and there’s a hard cost for us to manage the traffic load on your registration form. When considering Bot Stop’s minimal cost, just think of all of the time and stress you’ll be saving not having to constantly clean out your customer accounts. What’s that worth to you?

Should I buy this app if I am just starting my store?

YES! We’ve heard from many new and fledgling Shopify customers about the high number of junk accounts clogging up their customer lists … and they want it to stop! Bot Stop allows you to start your online business with a clean customer list, letting you devote more time to marketing and remarketing to customers – which is critical to getting your business off the ground! Wasting time and energy manually deleting fake customers is just silly. Let Bot Stop help protect your customer list from spammers!

What are Bot Stop’s features?

What makes Bot Stop so great is its simplicity and value to both start-up and long-time stores. It runs lean and mean to get the job done. Currently, Bot Stop features the following:

  • Easy to install Google reCAPTCHA to your Shopify store.

  • No coding needed and is easily installed with any theme.

  • Dashboard showing the number of bots blocked and registrations completed.

The Bot Stop team is in the lab continuing to dream up new features, so stay tuned! (As if they had a choice. Don’t worry. We feed and clean them regularly.)

Feedback and Customization

Bot Stop is supported by a crazy … um, I mean … crack development team that can customize many features and processes within Shopify. If you need a custom solution or have an idea to make Bot Stop better, please let us know.

Bot Stop reviews

3 reviews
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Terrible. It stopped the bots, but it also prevented real customers from creating accounts.


This stopped real customers signing up also. I tried contacting app twice to see if this was something I was doing that could be rectified and never received a response back


Stopped the bots but also stopped me from being able to send a customer an invoice or register customers for emails that requested I add them to our email list.

$5.00 / month

The minimal monthly fee helps keep Bot Stop servers running to handle the traffic load to your site, both bot and real customers.

30 days

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