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  • Faster stock takes means less wasted time and more accurate inventory.
  • See what you need to buy using inventory reports, and create orders for suppliers
  • Add inventory to your store as soon as it arrives to start selling sooner!

What does it do?

Boxora is a web based system that makes it really fast and simple to update inventory levels in your Shopify store. It makes adding inventory super-fast so that you can start selling online as soon as new goods arrive. The assemblies feature lets you build finished goods from components, and break items into components, handling all the inventory for you. The inventory planner is an essential tool for making sure you have enough of what you need, and sell what you don't need.

Barcode inventory management

Boxora includes full support for scanning barcodes (and printing ones where your items don't already have them) - which means that you'll make fewer mistakes as you add inventory, run stock takes and even when you are packing shipments.

Inventory planner

By comparing sales figures with current inventory levels, Boxora helps you plan your inventory better. You can create purchase orders with just a couple of clicks, and when the delivery arrives, update your Shopify inventory levels instantly. An essential tool for making sure your inventory levels are optimized.


Create assemblies from components, so that when you build an item, the component inventory levels are reduced and the finished item inventory levels are increased, all automatically.

Goods in

Batch update inventory levels in your Shopify account simply by scanning products as they arrive in your store/warehouse, or by using the goods-in / purchase order feature.

Goods out

Fulfil orders in Shopify to create "shipments", which you download into boxora. Scan products as you pack them, and boxora will let you know as soon as you make a mistake so you can rectify it before you let the customer down!

Supported devices

Boxora is designed to run on a range of devices, including your Mac, PC, tablet or dedicated rugged PDA - so that you can have your inventory software in the same place as your inventory.



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