BoxBuilder:DIY Product Bundles

BoxBuilder:DIY Product Bundles

par StayTuned

Increase AOV by letting your customers create custom bundles.

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Dozens of customizations

Create bundles the way you like – fix the price or increase it, automatic discounts, product stock levels adjustments, and a lot more.

No-code builder

Set up and launch a bundle or a gift box in 5 minutes without any developer help.

Easily build a bundle/kit

Delight your customers and increase AOV by letting them choose exactly what they want in a bundle.

À propos de BoxBuilder:DIY Product Bundles

This BFCM, increase your AOV dramatically with Product Bundles. If you’re thinking of ideas to increase your sales without spending more $$$ on ads, use Box Builder to create high-performing product bundles and see your revenue soar. Even better, you can position it as a service to let your customers build custom gift gifts!

Create a bundle in no time

  1. Pick a style/theme for your builder.
  2. Create each step of your builder. This can be a single or multiple product selection steps or a form step, to collect any other information you need for the order.
  3. Set minimum and maximum product selections per step, required form fields, and conditional fields, that load based upon selected products.
  4. Add a name and description to your steps, to help the customer understand what's needed.

Control the look & feel of your bundles

While other product bundle apps limit the number of bundles, products or steps, Box Builder is limitless! Box Builder enables you to control & customize your bundles the way you want.

  1. Be it fixed-price bundles, automatic & tiered discounts, or 100% custom kits, you can do it with Box Builder.
  2. Unlike other apps, you can allow customers to filter products by collections or product title in each step.
  3. Whether it’s a single SKU or multiple SKUs for a bundle, feel free to customize it the way you want.
  4. Beautify your bundles with two builder theme layout options, infinite color, and styling customizations.
  5. The app automatically syncs with your store’s product inventory stock levels and updates your product details from the moment you get started. We automatically calculate the bundle weight by summing the weights of all products in the bundle.
  6. You can also use complex logic to skip steps based on customer selections.
  7. The app will work with subscription apps for recurring orders!
  8. Last but not least, you can add (customizable) forms to your bundle where customers can text, upload images, enter in dates or numbers, pick colors, add a note, and a whole lot more!

Have ideas or need help?

We’re a small team looking to help Shopify stores grow! If you need any kind of help, got a suggestion for our app, or simply want to chat, drop us a line at today.

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I use this app for both custom and preset gift box bundles in my store. So far it has been working great. Customer service is amazing, and even offered to do a 1 on 1 zoom call to share screens and walk me through every detail. They are constantly working to make improvements to the app and make it even better on both the front and back ends. Would highly recommend!

Alma Coffee

Editing my previous message. Lauralynn went above and beyond to help me find solutions to the issues I was dealing with on the app. There are some glitches with the app but having someone from customer service get on a video call with me and talk through my problems and actively make notes about fixes for the app in the future is super impressive and very much appreciated. At the end of the day, the app accomplishes almost everything I need it to and it looks like more features will be rolling out to make it even better soon!

Réponse du développeur

30 novembre 2021

Hi there! So sorry for dropping the ball on our emails to support you. We were just switching over to a new email management program, and yours got caught in the middle of the transition! Totally our mistake. I've emailed you and scheduled a google meet so we can work through any issues you've had. We are so unbelievably sorry and will work hard to make this up to you!

Very useful app :)
The team were very supportive since they immediately made a call to help us with all faced issues.
Really appreciated support