Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

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Brainity makes Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads extremely easy.

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Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

Feed the top of your e-commerce funnel with Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads. Brainity gets engaged traffic and increases sales effortlessly.

Advanced Retargeting

Nurture visitors as they pass through every stage of the customer journey by serving retargeting ads that become more relevant over time.

Ads Made Easy

Easily use advanced strategies with our ad library of over 1,200 English & Spanish ad examples and advanced self-optimizing campaigns.

有關 Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

Grow Your Traffic & Sales with Powerful Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

Brainity is the cutting-edge ad automation tool that makes it easy to launch sophisticated Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. With the help of our campaign builder and intuitive interface, we empower our users to create powerful Prospecting and Retargeting campaigns that guide the customer journey and dramatically improve ROAS by:

  • Bringing the right traffic to your store.
  • Delivering personalized and dynamic retargeting messages.
  • Leveraging machine learning to deliver advanced self-optimizing campaigns.

Advanced Strategies for your Ads

Brainity is dedicated to making advanced Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies accessible, regardless of skill level or budget size. We want to work with you and grow together.

Biggest Ad Library for Facebook and Instagram

Inside Brainity you can find the biggest Facebook and Instagram copywriting ad library in the world (and growing) with more than 1,200 examples in English and Spanish, and we've made it available to everyone. It takes the guesswork out of writing ads and helps you find the perfect message for every campaign.

Performance Focused

We understand the importance of making your ad investment count. We work passionately to deliver our users the results they need to grow their stores with Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads.

Powerful Prospecting Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

Brainity’s self-optimizing Lookalike and Interest-based audience targeting harness your store’s visitor data and feeds the top of your e-commerce funnel with engaged traffic that matches your ideal audience profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

Strategic Retargeting for Facebook & Instagram

Retargeting campaigns nurture visitors as they pass through every stage of the customer journey and serve personalized ad sequences that become more relevant over time and increase sales with social ads.

Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Ads are personalized based on the behavior of your store visitors and the products they view and auto-sync to your store's inventory to only show Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads for products you have in stock.

Advanced Self–Optimization

Effortlessly optimize performance across campaigns with dynamic budget allocation and automatic audience curation, so you will spend the perfect amount of money to retarget your visitors and spend the rest bringing more traffic to your store.


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Ad Library


  • +1,200 ad copy examples
  • English & Spanish
  • Perfect for newbies to Facebook Ads & Instagram ads
  • Facebook Product Catalog creation


每月 $19.99

或每年一次收費 $199.99,按每月 $16.67 計費

  • Ad Library
  • Basic Prospecting & Retargeting
  • Unlimited ad spend
  • Automatic Budget optimization
  • Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads + Messenger Ads


每月 $59.99

或每年一次收費 $599.99,按每月 $50.00 計費

  • All features in the Starter
  • Unlimited audiences creation
  • Advanced Retargeting: FB/IG engagers, bounced visitors, & more

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Bloomsbury Mill Ltd

terrible I have a verified domain and events configured the top and bottom campaigns are just whirling around and customer support is terrible avoid

Lifestyle Travel Trading

So far not that impressed. Am 9 days into my trial and don´t think I will be paying for this. I set up a campaign and immediatly got my ad account closed by FB. I had to request a review and was succesful in getting it back. I would have through the app would make sure everything is perfect before just pushing the ads online. So far I have spent around $70 on the ad campaign and have a CTR 2.5% which apparently is not bad but I have no sales and no ROA. Others say they got an ROA of 4 etc inside a few days. If I have no return before the trial is up then I wont renew. I also sent a question through Shopify in the App and have not had a reply so don´t feel confident


I sent them numerous emails requesting to change the account originally linked with my brianity, my queries remain unanswered. I contacted them through my Shopify account, also via Twitter and directly via email and Instagram with no replies. Disgusting service. I am very annoyed! Avoid these guys. Bad service!