Branded SMS Service

Branded SMS Service

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Allowing you to widen your reach

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Branded SMS Service

Get your Brand Mask and buy desired SMS bundle to start seamless notifications delivery

Status Transparency

To let your customers be aware of their order status

Dynamic Order Verification

Get Real Time Order Verification from your customer via order confirmation notifications

Su Branded SMS Service

Branded SMS Service — Automated SMS Notifications:

The Branded SMS Service application is an easy-to-use platform that allows businesses to streamline the process of sending SMS notifications to customers. Unlike other SMS service providers, Branded SMS Service is not only affordable, but it also has many unique features that won’t require you to lift a hand while SMS notifications are sent to customers!

Branded SMS Service will cater to all your needs — on this powerful platform, you can apply for a brand mask, view all your orders, purchase affordable SMS bundles that suit your needs, and send out automated SMS notifications to inform customers about the status of their orders. This app is currently only available to businesses whose customers reside within Pakistan.


Apply for a brand mask:

Your brand mask is the name under which SMS notifications are sent to customers. Branded SMS Service allows you to apply for a brand mask that fits your business so that customers instantly know who you are. The process takes only 8 to 10 days and, in that time, you will have 20 free SMS available to you so you can test out the features!

Keep your customers informed:

As soon as a customer books an order on your website, Branded SMS Service will automatically send an order confirmation SMS to them. The same goes for when a customer cancels their order or when the order is delivered to them. By automating the process of SMS notification, Branded SMS Service does most of the work for you.

Set SMS templates:

You can set a custom message for each trigger, such as order confirmed, order fulfilled, or order canceled, that will automatically be sent out to customers when an update is registered in their order status.

SMS logs:

If you want to see a history of all the SMS notifications that were sent out by Branded SMS Service to your customers, you can simply visit the SMS logs that are part of the application. Apart from this, messages can also be resent whenever required.

Package information:

For the SMS package that you purchased, you can check out how many remaining SMS notifications are available to you by simply looking at the top-right corner of every page of the application.

If you’re looking to work smart and organize all your SMS notifications-related data on one platform, Branded SMS Service is the app for you!

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  • 500 SMS



  • 1500 SMS



  • 2500 SMS

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** Le addebiti ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

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