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The worse app aver , they charge 3 times instead of only 1 , i asked to be refund and they don't care att all about you. Don't download the app is a waste of time and money , when you ask to cancel don't do ir and charge you. Very bad , i am so upset with then. used 1 month , they charged 3 and i never got my money back .

Developer reply

October 24, 2019

Dear Valued Customer,

We took some time to check what happened with your subscription,
and we confirm that for you there is only one payment, not three.

Therefore, there is a misunderstanding
and we ask you to allow us to solve it.

We are looking into this issue and hope to resolve it promptly and accurately.
Please, contact us directly, sending your message to our live chat or our email address:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention,
Brandsdistribution Team.

Llewdor's Fashion Outlet

brutal service! Don't waste your time with suppliers like this. They make it look all good but you wil soon find out how terrible they are!

Developer reply

October 24, 2019

Dear Customer,
This is Virginia from BrandsSync Customer Support team.

We are so sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience.

Please, contact us directly, sending your message to our live chat or to our email address,
we’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

Mag Mode

STAY AWAY!!!!! Customer service is terrible! Positive reviews are purchased! They don't reply at all to emails. And they provide absolutely no feedback regarding guarantees, damaged goods... No money back is possible!

Developer reply

September 24, 2019

Dear Customer,
We are always on hand to help our customers and we are sorry to hear about your disappointment,
Furthermore, we have check out your previous emails and confirm that you have been briefed on our terms and conditions.

We provide also all the feedback you need on our official website,
you can find out more here:

Therefore, you can clarify your doubts by checking our dropshipping terms:

As regard the first part of your review, we can firmly affirm that customer service team do its best to meet any request within 24-48 hours, during italian business days.

Thanks for your understanding,
Brandsdistribution Team

Noble Wardrobe

Absolutely terrible. Terrible app, terrible customer services & not worth the code its wrote in. If you actually want to run a professional shop with good customer services. Then the apps limits will soon restrict you, not to mention the awful customer services of the company behind it. Dont waste your time!

Developer reply

September 24, 2019

Dear customer,
This is Virginia from Brandsdistribution Team.

We are sad to hear that you didn’t have a good experience,
we are constatly working on limits and issues, in order to improve our plugin.

Your review is very concerning to us. We would appreciate if you would contact our customer care team by contacting us directly, sending your message to our live chat or to our email address,

Thanks for your understanding,
Brandsdistribution Team

Broken and missing several features.
1. Simply doesnt work, imported some products to the store but they do not sync with the app and the products its imported are not imported properly.
2. Support is very slow and not really very helpful at all.
3. No option to waive free trial, so your stuck with limited products until the trial period has expired
4. No options to import from one collection to your store collection
5. No options to have tags with or without suffix
6. No automatic currency conversion
7. Not clear when you install it, that you have an account on their website
8. No option to input payment details in the app to auto fufill
9. No option to select delivery options. They promote on their website different shipping options, but no method of selecting them at checkout.
10. Customer services sucks & has no knowledge of this app at all!

Overall very poor app and for serious shop owners, I do not think the support is there and certainly the features of this app dont measure up to end shop. Overall I would skip it as setting up a shop on this model, your run in to problems for sure. If they are so slow to respond on trial period, when its imperative their potential customers are happy....what are they going to be like once they have your monthly payment and need to respond to order or delivery issues raised by your customers. Dropshipping is a good thing, but sadly for poor businesses running it, it just presents that they protect their company name by hiding poor service behind your name! Tread with caution!

UPDATE > I note your reply to my review is nearly as long winded as your reply from customer services. You should investigate your poor app before releasing it and wasting peoples time! Nice of you to use the reply as way to try and market your app. Your app is very very poor and the company behind it is even worse! No one can run a respectable business with such a poor company backing them up!

Developer reply

September 23, 2019

Dear Valued Customer,

We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations.

We would like the opportunity to investigate your feedback further:
Please, contact us directly, sending your message to our email address,

We want to understand and resolve every issue, point by point:

1) Import sync is based on regular data update with a cronjob. Probably it is only necessary to wait to have right quantities and products update.

2) Our customer service usually gives an answer within 24 hours, on working days.

3) The trial period gives you the opportunity for testing our system and take a look to our products catalog.

4) Connection mapping with pre esistent structure is not yet supported, we are constatly working on it, in order to improve our plugin.

5) Tags management exists on settings and you can select brands, categories, subcategories. You can also add (or remove) a prefix on every tag.

6) We are working to give currency conversion in the next release.

7) BrandsSync is only a dropshipping connector to brandsdistribution catalog: you need a dropshipper account on Brandsdistribution in order to pay only 19$/month for the app.

8) We are sorry, but there are not payment details managed by our app.

9) Right now, the app takes best options for carriers we have Agreement for the country you have to send. In to do list we have the showing of delivery cost and select carrier if multiple are available.

10) We invite you to contact us at, so we may discuss your specific personal experience. Thank you.

As you have said, Dropshipping is a good thing, and we are constantly working to improve our services and our plugin in order to make the experience of our customer better, day by day.

Thanks for your understanding,
Brandsdistribution Team

Deutsch Frau

Let me tell you something.I added the app and one week later shopify put on hold my whole account wanted me to provide licenses for the brands i resell.Even after contacted them confirming i DROPSHIP thru BrandSync my account is still on hold.Shopify did not have their licenses but distribute their app .Do not pay app fee before asking for license.Unprofessional Behavior!

They never sent me the requiered papers.Deleted,install with caution!

Developer reply

September 3, 2019

Dear Deutsch Frau,
We are sorry to hear you are facing this issue with Shopify.
Upon customer's request, we always provide the authorization to resell the brands that we offer.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help to solve this misunderstanding with Shopify. Write your request to
Thank you,
Brandsdistribution Team


The worst customer service ever. They never respond to your inquiries regarding your orders. I had to cancel some orders because they didn't include all the right documentation for customs. I reached out to them over and over again. Never received a response. They don't have a phone number you can call. Only email and a crappy ticketing system.

Want to return an item, it takes days just approve the return. In the Amazon world of fast shipping and returns and excellent customer service, I really don't know how they are surviving.

Developer reply

August 27, 2019

Dear Zabas,
we are sorry to hear you had a negative experience since all the issues you reported have been solved promptly.
Our customer service team is always at your disposal for any further questions and requests.
Thank you,
Brandsdistribution Team


Junk,and they over charge you for it,they have very little you would want to sell,and even if you find any thing,it will be over priced,and you won't be able to compete in the Market place

Developer reply

August 27, 2019

Dear customer,
we are really sorry your experience was not what you expected. We would like to assist you but we are not able to find an email address associated with your name. Could you please provide us with your email address in order to check the status of your account? Please send your message to the email address
Thanks for your understanding,
Brandsdistribution Team

Modna muha

Unfortunately we must change the review after some experience. Customer service is terrible! We got NO reply from customer service regarding product guarantees. Our customers wanted to know how long is a guarantee for a really expensive bag and watch, we sent several emails and tried to communicate via chat, but got no reply. Also the company is very unflexible, they don't try to find compromises. Orders are impossible to cancel even if they weren't sent yet, therefore be careful not to make any mistakes!!! They will also not give you back the money (also if the stuff doesn't fit the customer and you get a return). Once you order your money is gone! Too bad! Also. coupons were offered to leave a good review here. The coupon expired shortly and they "aren't able to create new one". Sorry, but as much as you take care of your clients (who provide for your existence) - the truth must be told!

ALSO: Shopify put Shopify payments on hold for our case as well. I just read below we are not the only ones. Customer service didn't move a finger!


I didn't get any support, till last two months (subscribed and paid).. orders are listed up daily by customers but can't purchase from them. It seems spoiled our business and customer relationship because of pending orders

"Contacted customer service online but each reply cost every 5 to 10 min",