Brevi Chat, Live or Later

Brevi Chat, Live or Later

af Brevi

Live Chat, Carrier Order Tracking, Auto Messaging, Chatbots.

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Chat, Live or Later

Personalized automated messages handle customer questions, gather info anytime you’re unavailable. Auto responses on orders/shipping/returns

Close Every Possible Sale

Triggered chats boost sales by engaging active and return shoppers with items in their carts. Shoppers who chat are more likely to buy.

Easy to Use, Right Away

Engage with your shoppers instantly from any device. Everything you need is included to turn more shoppers into customers. Watch them live.

Om Brevi Chat, Live or Later


Unlike our competitors, Brevi Chat includes everything you need on day one to ensure you close every possible sale. Powerful features are easy to use, right away. Chat live or later. Brevi will instantly help you turn more store visitors into customers.

Customers prefer chat over any other way to contact you. They are free to have a conversation with you at any time, on their terms. Shoppers who chat are more likely to buy and have a higher average cart value.

With Brevi Chat You Can:

  • Boost sales - turn more visitors into customers
  • Make online buying frictionless, more enjoyable, and more human
  • Learn about your customers
  • Understand your business better

With Brevi Chat You Get:

Easy Set-Up

  • Add our chat widget to your store in minutes.
  • Customize the widget to reflect your brand’s colors and your unique store messaging.
  • Works on any device for quick customer support - answer questions, give product advice from anywhere.
  • Automated, personalized chat messages are ready to let shoppers know your status and keep them happy.
  • Automatic responses for your customers on order status, carrier delivery tracking, shipping and returns.

Mobile Alerts and Email Notifications

  • Get text and email notifications to know when a store visitor sends a message. Opt to get notified whenever you have a new visitor arrival, too.

One-Click Notifications

  • Respond easily to shopper questions with just one-click from a text or email alert.

Automated Messaging to Active and Return Shoppers

  • Automated, targeted chats boost sales by messaging active and return shoppers with items in their carts.

Automatic responses on order status, shipping and returns

  • Quick Answers for your customers right from your Chat window

  • Carrier tracking updates inside Chat, along with a link to the full carrier tracking page (e.g., USPS, UPS, Fedex).

Flexible Chat Hours

  • Set chat hours to reflect your business and lifestyle. When you are off-duty, you'll collect customer questions and email/phone 24/7.

Real-time Visitor List

  • Watch your shoppers live - where they’re from, what they’re viewing and what they’re buying.

Customer Order History

  • View your customer's recent order history when you're chatting to add a personal touch. Track your sales generated from any chat.

Ability to Initiate a Live Chat with Any Visitor

  • Assist shoppers to help close the sale.

Live Chat

  • Let shoppers easily reach you during the buying process.

Intelligent Chatbots

  • Chatbots have your back – if you’re not around or not online they’ll jump into a conversation for you automatically.

Dashboard to View ROI

  • See exactly how chat activity impacts your sales.





  • Live Chat
  • 4 Users
  • Live Visitor List: Cart & Page Views
  • Unlimited Auto Triggered Messages
  • Chatbots
  • SMS Alerts (600/mth)
  • Custom Widget Styling

Even More Features


  • All our Free features plus:
  • Unlimited Users
  • SMS Alerts (1200/mth)
  • Customer Heat Map (soon)

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5.0 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

Rachel's Essentials

I was originally using Chatra, but the app kept setting me to “away” Customer service told me in order to stop that, I would need to actually get onto the app every hour, to keep it active, or it would mark me not available.
I don’t have time for that all day every day! I switched to Brevi for the chat option and all the other benefits were a bonus I didn’t know I wanted lol Like being able to see activity on my site in real time! Seeing where people are visiting from, who has what in their carts. It’s made it a lot more fun and helps me see what items are most active, in a quick format and I can interact with them in real time if I want to. So far I’ve had no issues with getting notifications when someone gets in touch with me. I haven’t had any emails come through saying someone reached out, that didn’t also give me a text notification! There is some room for improvement. I wish the notifications came through in like an app notification alert and not a text, but I’m just happy they work.
I do also wish that once you got the first initial alert, you could set it up to stop sending texts once you’re in the chat with the customer. I don’t like being on chat and still getting texts on my phone. It can be overwhelming especially if you’re already using your phone for something else.
I also think 600 a month is not enough, especially if you use the app a lot. Even 1200 is a low amount for anyone really active, if each time the customer replies, it counts against your limit. Some people like to talk a lot lol I’d love to see the limit removed or raise, or, the texts to stop coming through after we get on the chat with them. Other than that, this app is awesome and I’m glad I stumbled onto it.

Saluda Rose Boutique

I don't normally write reviews however, I love this app! Also, customer support is absolutely amazing and fixed the issue I was having in just 30 minutes!!! (I needed the message pop-up to be higher than it was allowing for on my website and they went in and personally did it for me- as I said, amazing!) I definitely recommend this app to everyone :)

Ceed Fragrances

Great app. It's a must have for our Online store. The only issue is occasionally it doesn't update the information quickly than what I hoped for but all in all, it's a solid app to download!