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9 février 2022

Works really well with almost no effort required to get it setup and working, makes Shopify the obvious choice for anybody using Brightpearl.

Mantis Marvels
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23 février 2022

Glad we are using Brightpearl with Shopify. The best integration around. We have tried others and nothing compares. Team are super helpful and was an easy link/set up. No complaints from our experience

Arcade Belts EU
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21 février 2022

I'm so glad we integrated Shopify with Brightpearl. Its the best thing we've done. Previously we used Magento and had numerous issues. However since using Shopify, orders are seamlessly downloaded and the whole work process is simplified. This saves us so much time and money!
Shopify is a must have for Brightpearl users!

Seasons Christmas Outlet
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7 février 2022

Great app and great customer support, can't fault the team whatsoever! We are just about to add the Demand Planner module

Lorenzo Veratti
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5 août 2021

We were already a Brightpearl customer and one of the reasons we moved our website to shopify was to take advantage of the Brightpearl shopify connector. It works seamlessly with order and customer information appearing in our Brightpearl system very quickly and shipping information such as tracking numbers fed back into shopify and emailed to customers without any issues. Been using over a year and never had a problem with it.

Home Secure
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8 février 2022

The app works well at integrating shopify with brightpearl. In future though they need to integrate live changes on shopify orders to reflect in brightpearl, although I believe this is coming in a future update.

Glebe Healthcare
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18 août 2021

Well designed and developed app. Integration works great! Seamless connection with our Brightpearl account.

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26 août 2021

Great solution for Shopify ecomm stores!
What we liked:
- Easy, smooth and fast with Shopify (we previously used TradeGecko / QuickBooks Commerce and it was a nightmare)
- Individual modules for inventory management, warehouse operations, and demand planning helps to give each area the UI/UX it needs (instead of cramming it all into one solution)
- 24/7 phone & email support, dedicated account managers, plenty of online resources and ongoing improvements in the software help with anything that doesn't work perfectly
- Integrates easily with Xero, but has an accounting module included, which means data can be easily reconciled between the 2 systems
What we don't like:
- Some pieces of integration with Shopify are more clunky than others; further work is required especially on the returns & exchanges process and on order editing (it works, but could be smoother)
- Accounting in Xero for cost of goods sold and inventory by geography (when you hold stock across multiple legal entities) requires a bit of excel work each month, when it really should be an easy pull from the system
Overall, BrightPearl has been a massive improvement to our operations, enabling us to significantly scale up our daily fulfilment targets while eliminating the millions of spreadsheets previously used to track all types of operational idiosyncrasies.

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8 février 2022

This app worked as it should from the moment we had installed it. Settings are easy and mapping data, too. When I compare it to our difficulties we ha with ERP systems and online shops, this was a nice surprise. Since using the app, we never had problems with stock not syncing or orders not updating correctly. BTW, the app also works well in connection with ShopifyPOS. There could be some more flexibility with mapping product data, prices, and support for other POS solutions. But I hope this is something that will be implemented in the future.

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Modifié le 31 août 2021

Been using Brightpearl for a few years now, love the speed at which customer support helps.
We finally have a process for everything inventory-related in our business from purchasing, through to pick/pack/dispatch/invoice and everything in between. Thank you, Jamie and the Team!

Arte-N Furniture
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