Turn browsers into buyers, and one-time shoppers into loyal customers.

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Simple Recently Viewed Product

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Refresh your buyer’s memory by recommendations of products.

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Sticky Tools | 20 apps in one

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Sales Pop, Sticky Cart, Favorites, Free Shipping Bar & more...

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Simile | Personalization Suite


AI Personalizer Tailoring Your Site to Each Customer

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Upsell & Cross Sell Toolbox

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Upsell Recommendations, Recently Viewed & Personalized Popups

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Recently Viewed Items

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Provide your customers with a personalized user experience.

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Upsie ‑ Related Products

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Related Products, Recommended Products, Upsell & Cross Sell

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Ai Product Recommendations

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RECOMMENDLY | Boost Sales using Automated Personalization

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Better Replay Site Recordings

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Increase Sales by seeing Video Recording of Shopper Behaviour

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Recently Viewed


Amazon-like recently viewed products reminder

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Product Recommendations‑Crafty

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Personalized Recommendations, Best Selling & Recently Products

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Most Viewed Products

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Display most viewed products in your store

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Ultimate Recently Viewed

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The last recently viewed feature you'll ever need!

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Recently Viewed Products

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Reduce user's pain to search recently viewed products with app

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Recently Viewed Products

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Encourage Your Customers to buy Recently Viewed products.

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Find the products visited before and purchase them easily!

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Popular Products on Your Store

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Cross Sale using the most popular products on your store

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