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Simple Recently Viewed Product

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Refresh your buyer’s memory by recommendations of products.

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Related Products ‑ Also Bought

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Upsell App - Recommended Products - Frequently Bought Together

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Suggestr AI Recommendations

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More sales with advanced product recommendations AI

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Upsell Product Add‑Ons

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Upsell your customers with addons on product pages and cart

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Bundle Products ‑ EA

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Bundle products to upsell products - Create Bundles & Discount

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Order Limits (Min‑Max)

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Mini & max order limit on your cart, product, variant and more

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Discounted Upsell & Cross Sell

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Upsell, Cross sell & Bundle on Add-to-cart & Checkout

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Moonship Group Buy & Referrals

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Explode referrals & conversions with viral group buying offers

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Bag: Cart Drawer

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The #1 shopping cart for the best checkout experience.

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Awesome Quantity

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100% Customizable Volume Discount App to Increase your AOV!

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Rokt Ecommerce Ad Marketplace


Monetize your confirmation page and unlock value for shoppers

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Recommended Product – Sales


Recommend Product, Personalized Recommendation, Recently View

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Order & Product Fees

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Add extra fees to increase your sales and average order value.

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Featured Product Slider

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Featured product slider, Related, Recommended, Recently Viewed

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Custom Donation Amounts Accepted in Your Store

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HypeCart ‑ Upsell & Cross Sell

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A better checkout experience that generates higher revenue

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Cross Sell PRO

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FREE Cross Sell Recommendations with an Awesome Design

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PopBuy + UpSell ‑ Form COD

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Place COD orders on the product page, convert x5.

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Geo Targeting ‑ Custom Pop‑Ups

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Geo-based pop-ups, redirects, sign up forms, discounts, etc.

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Shop The Look bundle upsell

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Your Shop the Look or Complete the look product bundle upsell

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PRO Frequently Bought Together


AI-powered product recommendation with custom tuning

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Upsell and BoostSell Engine

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Upsell with Discount,Quick View,Announcement and Free Shipping

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Upsell & Cross Sell Kit

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One click upsell & cross sell - related products & bundles.

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OrderBump ‑ Upsell Everything

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Targeted one-click checkout and post-purchase upsells

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